Hints forSuccessful dyeing... Dyeing hints & tips

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Hints forSuccessful dyeing... Dyeing hints & tips

1. Check garment label
For fabric type and any special care instructions, to ensure that it is suitable for dyeing. Make sure there are no special finishes e.g. waterproofing or dry clean only. These will not dye as the finish prevents the dye from being absorbed.

2. Weigh item to be dyed

Weigh the fabric when dry before dyeing to determine the number of packs/tins required. Dyeing less than the recommended amount of fabric will give stronger results, dyeing more will give weaker results.

3. Wash item to be dyed

Wash all items before dyeing - without a fabric conditioner. This ensures that the item is stain-free and thoroughly (and evenly) damp and ready for dyeing.

4. Don't try to cover stains or patterns

Dye may not cover up stains, faded areas or bleach marks, nor may it cover up patterns although it may change the colours. Stains may be removed by using Dylon Stain Removers numbers 1 or 2.

5. Check the amount of salt required

Don't forget to check how much salt or fix is required, using less will give weaker colours or no colour at all! (Household salt is fine, you do not need special salt)

6. Always wear rubber gloves

When dyeing you must wear rubber gloves to protect your hands from staining.

7. Dyes are not paints

Do not expect dyes to be like paints and one colour to cover another. Dyes blend with the original colour of the fabric. The usual colour mixing rules apply, thus yellow overdyed with blue will give green.

8. Dye for the recommended time and temperature

A shorter dyeing time will give a weaker result, as will the wrong temperature. Follow the instructions contained in each pack.

9. Ensure vessel is large enough for dyeing

Do use a vessel large enough to contain sufficient water to cover the article and allow for easy manipulation to ensure even colour.

10. Read the instructions provided

Do read all instructions supplied with the dye carefully before starting.


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