History of the Ruby, Emerald

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    The fascinating bewitchment of the gorgeous
    green stone also atracted the Muzos Indians wich came within
    their permanent movement to the pregnant mountain ranges of
    gems, where they radicated
    The splendor of the beautiful stone inspired in them the
    explanation of their genesis into a poetry story in a
    combination between reality and fantasy.
    Innards mountains full of emeralds, an exhuberant nature filled
    with the most beautiful butterflies in the world, a great
    variety of poisoned serpents and a variety of animal life as
    well as a broken mountain by a river, was the paradise where
    their gods lived.
    From that magical surrounder the couple that would live in the
    land had to take place.
    The Legend says that the great creator of the territory and the
    Muzo's land was formed by a fabulous and areal God in a great
    inclinated shadow appearing over the sides of the Big River
    (Magdalena). Walking through slow movements throughout the
    inmensity of the space and depending in his slower or less
    detention of his movements, the creation of mountains and valeys
    took place.
    "Are stopped in the borders of the sacred river and took a small
    amount of land where he formed the idols called Fura (woman) and
    Tena (man) and threw them to the running where they were
    purified mth foam kisses. They took breath and life and started
    the two first human beings". Love had tó be unique and
    exclusively between each one. This rule had to be ordered;
    otherwise, the infidelity would become for both into oldness and
    death .
    The legend says that over the centuries the couple habitated the
    land until once, over the same sides of the river (west) were
    are appeared, a young man from a rare race named Zarbí showed up
    looking for a privileged flower that had in its fragrance the
    ease for every pain and in its essences, the cure to all
    The young man travelled during various days over the mountains,
    crossed rivers and hiked trees in search of the precious flower.
    Fura, seeing that his movements were in vain, of fered to travel
    along with him.
    As the days passed by, the feeling between both changed and
    suddenly they fell in love . Finding a place into the jungle,
    they started their unfaithfulness. The accusation of Fura's
    conscience became into a sadness feeling and her oldness started
    to show up each and every day. This was a proof of her lack.
    Tena then understood that the sacred law of the unique and
    exclusively love was being violated by Fura and so she had to
    die. As a punishment, she had to sustain during three days in
    her knees, the mortal body of her husband in order to clean with
    tears the remainings. She had to look and suffer the
    horrendouITOCOs process of human decomposition.<br>
    Tena killed himself by his sharpened weapon pntting it across
    his heart once he was laying beside Fura`s knees. Before the
    eternal absence, Tena search for his revenge and converted Zarb&iacute;
    into a naked rocky terrain over a long distance land, so that
    Tena could hit him with rays of branches from Muzo's sky, the
    solar mansion.
    Zarb&iacute; could defend himself by taking away his innards. His blood
    was converted into a torrent of water that flooded Muzo's land.
    Once he observed Fura with Tena's body, the water became more
    torrential until both bodies were separated apart forever and
    were left one in front of the other looking at each other into
    rocky terrains divided an outrageous current of water.
    The legend says that &quot;Tena's death was so painful to Fura, that
    her screams of pain perforated the echoes of the silent jungle
    and broke into millions of multicolor butterflies. Her tears,
    her torrent of tears were transformed by the sun into a mountain
    rage of emeralds&quot;.
    Fura and Tena were finally forgiven by the god Are, which put
    them a &quot;permanent guard of storms, rays and serpens&quot;, allowing
    that the waters of the Minero river ( Zarb&iacute;'s blood),
    &quot;discovers, clarifies, cleans and shines Muzo's emeralds. Fura's
    unfaithful and repentant tears&quot;

To the ancients, ruby was known as &quot;the king of gems&quot;.

To some it was a representation of the sun. To others it represented integrity, devotion,
happiness, healing, courage, romance, generosity, inspiration, and prosperity.
According to legend, warriors implanted rubies under their skin to bring valor
in battle. As a talisman, ruby would warn its owner against danger and disaster.
Ground to a fine powder and placed on the tongue, it was believed by some
ancient cultures to cure blood diseases, stop bleeding, ensure good health,
bring peace, and treat indigestion.

In England, it was used for coronation rings and to this day enjoys popularity
among royalty. Fergie, the Duchess of York received a ruby engagement ring from
Prince Andrew.
The red aura of rubies makes them appear bigger than they really are. Rubies are
the scarcest of all gemstones and command extremely high prices. Their average
size is also generally less than any other gemstone's. Today, rubies have
numerous applications: as styluses in turntables, as tiny bearings in expensive
wristwatches, and in rod form, they form a crucial component at the laser's

Ruby is the birthstone of July. Since Ruby represents romance and devotion, it
is an excellent choice for an engagement ring. It is the traditional wedding
anniversary gift for a couple's 15th and 40th year.

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