Hitachi DAB Radio Model KH-1150D

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I have just purchased one of these excellent little radios from an Ebay seller. It was sold as a catalogue/shop return and was in excellent condition. Am I surprised about this, well frankly no! I am convinced the reason for the return was due to the poor instruction manual/user manual. So hopefully this guide will help anybody with one of these radios or thinking about buying one.

Over 1000 people have read this gude but only 10 have ever left feedback; please take the couple of seconds to press the button at the bottom of the page. If you did not find the guide helpful then let me know I may be able to improve it.

When I got may radio it had been used in the London area so it had Capital Rdio etc. on it; not a lot of use in Southampton so I needed to perform a factory reset. I followed the manual carefully but nothing happened. This is how you do it:-

  1. Turn off the radio by switching off at the socket (or pull the lead out if using batteries).
  2. Turn the radio on and wait for the "Welcome! Digital Radio" to be displayed.
  3. Immediately press and hold the SELECT button.
  4. Once you see "System reset" displayed release the button.
  5. The system will then perform an autotune.

Setting the alarm time can only be done when the alarm status is ON. Do it this way:-

  1. Put the radio into standby mode (you can do it whilst on but you chase around the info menu quite a lot.
  2. Press the INFO button
  3. Press the SELECT button repeatedly until the alarm status is ON (ignore the time etc.).
  4. If the time is wrong or you want to change to beep or radio the press and hold the SELECT button until "Alarm set time" is displayed.
  5. First use the SEL-DN and SEL-UP buttons to set the minutes.
  6. Press SELECT again and use SEL-DN  and SEL-UP to set the hours.
  7. Press SELECT again and SEL-DN and SEL-UP will allow you to choose BEEP, DAB or FM
  8. Further selections will allow to to change the beep volume or the radio station.

So far I have found the rest of the manual to be accurate.

Best of luck if you decide to buy one of these radios - great radio, shame about the manual!


This information is given in good faith and is, to the best of my knowledge, accurate however I will not take any responsibility for any damaged done by using these instructions.

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