Hitch Lock, super strong trailer security

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Hitch Lock

A hitch lock is an essential piece of security equipment for anyone that owns a trailer, horsebox or caravan.

When you are buying a hitch lock, there are some key features to look for, to achieve maximum security:

Hitch lock for trailers, caravans, horseboxes

- What is it made of?  Many are made of quite thin steel.  This one is made of 4mm thick steel and is really strong.

- How is it treated?  Many are painted.  This one is galvanised for maximum protection against rust and will not flake or chip.

- Where is the padlock?  Many designs put the padlock in an easy to access position or, worse, put the padlock can be pressed up against a hard surface making it easy to drill!  This one has the padlock in a hard to access place and let's it swing free, so it is hard for a thief to work on.

Take a look at the video for further hints and tips for choosing a hitch lock.  You will see how this one is particularly easy to fit.  It can be used with most hitch types, including drawbar hitches.

So, if you have a trailer, horsebox, caravan or similar and you want an easy to use security device that will make thieves think twice, choose a strong, well designed and highly visible hitch lock.

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