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Home Axess Guide to HYDROTHERAPY Hydrotherapy is the therapeutic effects you experience when you are immersed in hot water. The heat that is transferred from the warm water to your body combines with the buoyant effect of the water to trigger physiological changes in the body. But, when you immerse yourself in a normal bath, the body’s natural reaction counteracts with the therapeutic value that warm water can induce and the majority of the therapeutic benefits are lost. The fine layer of air that surrounds the body when you first immerse yourself in water quickly cools to body temperature and prevents the transfer of heat. Your pores close, preventing perspiration, and the increase in blood flow simply leads to an overall increase in body temperature. A whirlpool jet (water pumped at force directly onto the body) eradicates this effect. Heat is immediately transferred to the body. The constant agitation of the warm water against the skin encourages blood vessels and capillaries to open, sending a higher volume of oxygen-rich blood to the extremities. The heat transfer has a sedative effect on the nerve endings, reducing pain and discomfort. The massaging effect of the jets carries further benefits: as well as reducing oedema (fluid swelling) from around the joints, the pressure stimulates the receptors in the nerve endings and distracts the pain-carrying fibres from passing their pain-inflicting messages to the brain. Pain-killing endorphins are released and the body responds with a sense of well-being. Research in the USA by the Arthritis Foundation and at the Bristol Royal Infirmary reveals that the ancient art of hydrotherapy with the aid of jetted water has several medical benefits: · It dilates the arteries, increasing blood circulation without increasing heart rate and therefore lowering blood pressure. · Cardiovascular changes relieve congestive heart failure, hypertension and stress. · Hymodilation dilutes the blood, reducing inflammation and swelling due to arthritic problems, as well as relieving muscular aches and pains and increasing the tissue repair system. · Increased dieresis (water and salt loss) helps gout sufferers, kidney disorders, and cirrhosis. Home Axess has a range of hydrotherapy systems to suit every need. Our team will be pleased to discuss your requirements and find the most suitable system. Our selection includes everything from jacuzzi, whirlpool baths with water and/or air therapeutic jets; to shower systems with computer controlled massage programs. Copyright Home Axess UK Limited 2005
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