Home Based Work !!

Like if this guide is helpful
Like a great many other people, I have searched (still searching) for  paid work I could do from home
I started looking in 1984, in those days I had to reply to adverts in newspapers or exchange & marts
Floods of other offers poped through my letterbox, most the ilegal chain letter type - others on offer were almost as bad - pay maoney out - just so I could copy & paste my details on one piece of paper
What a rip off !!
Later on in time I searched the internet, it's not much better, for home based paid work - There isn't any - well not without paying money out fist and I don't really want to travel out to meetings (what a bore these are
What so called work,  there is can be compicated or costly or somtimes both

So what's on offer ?
Affiliated sites, seem to be everywhere, these in themselves seem staight forward, but then if you join you will realise you must own a website so as to insert your affiliated code (tough if you don't as the only other way to advertise it is Banner Exchange - but here again you need a website .....arrrrggg !!

I found a site today, advertising envelope stuffing, boy I thought that was a thing of the past, though the site is very impressive and they offer other opportunities - but some are very expensive
Also today, I bought the access to a ready made mobile phone site - but as yet to see how well  this works
What else ?  ebooks, well I have some of those, but selling them is more of a problem - even if I sell one on ebay - how do I provide a link for buyer without a website - anyone got idea's ?

Newsletters, this may seem a dated idea, but is a lady doing well out of this idea - I can provide link if you want to see for yourselves

Also the is a nice helpful chap, who will send you Free information links once you join and it's free to join
Ask me for this linjk too if you want
Have you bought a "Business in a Box" it sounds fantasic and just what you may have been looking for, But there are a Few things they Don't tell you when your buying
1st: You will need a Website, which also means you will need a Domain name, and a hosting service
All of these are Extra expense you wont have been told about, at east until you have downloaded the item onto your computer.
So is there a way around this ?
Yes, there is a way you can set up a profitable online business, without all the hassle !!
contact me for futher details

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