Home Hub 1.5 and how to maximise its performance.

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I have used a BT Home Hub since release and never had any trouble. 

Luckily enough, these things ship as plug and play so installation is pretty much that. 

Once connected, it will deliver the fastest speed a BT line is capable of supporting. (Mainly distance of the property from local exchange).  The only problem that you may encounter is when using P2P (Peer2Peer) software such as BitComet/Shareaza etc. 

Remember, this is a firewalled Hub, so bandwidth will be limited to ports unless the firewall is disabled or port forwarding is allowed. 

******Only disable the BT Home Hub firewall if you have a decent protection program like Panda/Norton/McAfee etc******

(the default address fot the Hub is "api.home".  To be entered like a URL)

BT seem to have delivered a very good router with this latest release.  Regular firmware upgrades are also available so as new poducts/services from the ISP become available means we as consumers have no need to upgrade our hardware for the foreseeable future.  

Any problems with this device can be easily resolved by a simple question to Google.    To this date, I am yet to find anyone who has failed to resolve a Home Hub problem, unless it is linked directly the ISP/Network Operator's fault.

Everything you would expect a Hub to do, this delivers on.  Those who want to set up a WIRED home/business network need not to worry.  Although there are only 2 Ethernet ports, use one of these to connect to an Ethernet Switch/hub and the ADSL connection is then routed to all devices connected.

For the rest of us who wish to connect WIRELESSLY, most Operating Systems (OS) will automatically detect the wireless network connection.  Mainly XP/VISTA, of which will only require a wireless key.   As standard, BT have supplied this via a card within the Home Hub packaging.  Alternatively, it is located on the reverse of the Home Hub.  

Please note, this IS a very very basic starter guide so do not be surprised if it did not meet your expectations.  The aim is to help you n00bs / "beginners" find their way with this device.  Belive me when I say this, there are people out there who have a much more tacit understanding of this device than I do.  A simple Google will show you that.  Had you just read the above, thankyou for reading and good luck.



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