Honda civic type r review 2001-2006 model (ep3)

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Good Points

Engine noise is music to the ears, Performance in the dry is phenomenal, Attractive looking hatchback.

Bad Points

As said before, no traction in the wet... At all, Engine noise on motorways even in 6th is quite loud and turning circle is appalling.

General Comments

I bought my Red Civic Type-R from a Honda dealer for 8.5k with 44k on the clock. It has no air con which I was told gives it a slightly quicker 0-60 time due to the fact that there isn't an Air Con unit under the bonnet. My previous car was a Peugeot 306 rallye which in its own was one of the greatest hot hatches of all  time having 167bhp and a 6 speed gearbox basically a lightweight version of the gti6 but far more focused so i needed a good replacement for that car.

The engine noise when you get over 6000 rpm's is amazing, I have been in the new Focus ST and yes it is a lovely car but I actually prefer the sound that my car makes and the type r is faster due to been a fairly light weight hot hatch. Put the CTR in 4th at about 35mph and no it doesn't accelerate very quickly down to lack of torque but have it in the right gear and the way it covers ground is shocking and gives bmw m cars a good run for there money.

My minor gripe with the noise is that if your doing a long journey you have to play your music at volume 26+ (which is loud) to mute the engine noise out when your cruising in 6th. But I suppose that's the draw back of having a performance car. If you don't want the moan of the engine buy the Type S.

I was going to buy an Astra VXR at the beginning of last year but with 236bhp the steering falls short of most other hatches especially the CTR and at 17k brand new and me only paying 8.5k for a 52 plate model with reasonable mileage I feel I've got a bargain. I also feel that the Type-R has more than enough power for the size of the car. Too much and you'll under steer into a tree like the VXR.Fuel consumption is great getting well into the mid 30s if driven normally (out of vtec) be warned tho if you do live in the vtec zone it drops to low 20s.

Now I'm not a boy racer but when I get into my car I know that 85% of other cars can't touch the power and handling of mine which give confidence when exiting a roundabout onto a by-pass. (95% in terms of hot hatches).

This car is a must have for all people who love to drive.

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