Hong Kong MP3-MP5

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I bought afew MP3-MP5 players from HK for gifts, and they looked very nice but don't work, I left them pos. feedback as I got the items very fast, after buying from 3 different sellers and spent over $150.00 I can no longer find the sellers on Ebay as I came across this forum by searching for them.  I didn't relize until it was to late that I was even buying from HK.  I think Ebay should ban them from selling anything to our Country!!  I always like shopping on Ebay before this happened, now I'm very leary about this whole experence.  How many of us that can't afford to give our money away have already done just that?  And after the time to do anything about it we're just out!!  Ebay did get me my money back from 3 of these transactions but only because I never received my items, so I do respect them for that.  Is there anything we can do to stop other Countries from robbing us blind?  If I got out of line with this please forgive me as it just tears me up as I wanted to give my family gifts that they would really enjoy.
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