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What is Horrorclix?

Horrorclix is the horror edition of Heroclix, itself a spin-off from the popular Mage Knight game. Where Heroclix saw you battling heroes and villains from the comic books Horrorclix delves into the world of horror. The game mechanics are nearly identical to Heroclix so if you've played that you'll feel right at home.

What's different?


Horrorclix has victim tokens, when a monster kills a victim by ending their turn on top of the token they are 'blooded' allowing them to move and attack in one turn. It also powers up certain monsters or allows them to transform to more powerful versions of themselves by turning their dial to a new starting line and flipping the card.


Each monster has a card which shows what the colours on the dials mean. This is essential as for some daft reason the colours aren't universal, orange on one model will generally mean the same thing on all...but not always. Given the extremely limited number of powers this is just bonkers but you soon learn what each colour means for your team and the cards do have some nice flavour text on the back so it's not all bad.

Plot Twists

Plot twist cards allow you to change the game in some way. Commonly they let victims fight back or move, influence certain monsters and can even allow you to turn victims into low powered minions! You can easily leave plot twists out if you want a simpler game but they can add a lot of fun and give the game a real horror movie feel.

The Sets

Horrorclix Starter 2006

Bane Wolf, Blood Vamp, Chainsaw, Outpatient, Lynch Ghost and Skeleton plus a two sided map, dice, some scenery including a spooky tree, rules, plot twists and tokens.

The Great Cthulhu

16 inches of terror! The Great Cthulhu comes with instructions, map, cultist tokens and a variety of ways to play him. He's naturally hard as nails, looks fantastic and is really expensive. Expect to pay at least £50 to get your bloodstained hands all over this horror icon.

HorrorClix (2006)

Known as the "base set" this set contained a nice collection of miniatures of all kinds. Many of the uniques are still played competitively as are the normal pieces. This is a good (and cheap) set to start with.

The Lab (2007)

Mad science comes to Horrorclix in the form of  science themed monsters, failed experiments and pretty much every archetypal scientific horror going. In a stroke of genius Wizkids screwed up the entire European release meaning most UK players who own the lab pieces probably got theirs on eBay as the alternative was waiting months with no word of when it would be released here.

Freakshow (2007)

Clowns frighten lots of people but a whole set of circus themed stuff? That's what they went with and so Freakshow is packed full of clowns, animals and freaks. Not a bad set but you are probably worth picking your pieces carefully from this one as many of them aren't especially interesting or effective, though that's just my view.

AVP Queen (2007)

Credit where credits due this was a beauty, a full sized alien queen with detachable egg base and special rules.

AVP Aliens (2007)

There's not much point having an alien queen without these guys, a nicely sculpted set of aliens all of which are utterly deadly!

AVP Predators (2007)

About the only monsters in the game who can clearly stand up to the aliens without huge amounts of luck or skill are the predators. This set contains some really nice sculpts too.

Hellboy Set (2007)

The Hellboy set was a bit of a fiasco, dial mistakes and an absurd flying gravestone were the highlights but fans were justifyably unimpressed. Dont' let that put you off though, this is a fantastic set and Hellboy and friends fit the game perfectly. He is, naturally, a tough nut but the real joy of this set is the way the team works together.

Nightmares (2008)

Apparently Nightmares is based on our deepest fears, but it's pretty much a mixed bag of oddities and monsters much like the first set with no real theme. Evil garden gnomes, flesh suits and killer bunnys rub shoulders in this strange set. Some very promising figures though and finally more cabal leaders and members which is much appreciated. A new rarity scheme means no longer do you get rookies, experienced and veterans you just get levels of rarity, probably a sensible move to save players a bit of storage space though the flipside is it's a little harder to fit certain monsters on certain teams but overall it seems to be a better way of doing things to me at least.

The Freddy vs Jason Action Pack (2008)

Ever since Horrorclix came out prospective players have been saying "when is Freddy and Jason available?" because lets face it, they are horror legends and no horror game can be complete without them. The pack contains a nice mix of miniatures from the films, victims and obviously a double sided map with the boiler room / camp crystal lake as well as a simplified rulebook. A very nice set, long overdue.

Is Horrorclix worth getting into?

If you like horror and you liked Heroclix then absolutely 100%, you will love this game. If you didn't try Heroclix or you aren't a huge fan of horror I'd still give it a go - it's a very enjoyable and simple game to get into with plenty of strategy both on the board and in picking your team.

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