Hot Tub Preparation Guide

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How to Prepare For a Hot Tub

Follow The 10 Point Plan For A Fantastic Hot Tub Purchase. 


At Hot Tub Suppliers we have devised a 10 point plan to make sure you cover all the basics of hot tub set up and also look out for future pitfalls to make sure the enjoyment of the Zspas or Zen Spas luxury hot tub designs is a long term pleasure.


1, Prepare Your Surface.

We recommend a flat concrete base which is 10-15 cm deep, please remember the dry weight of an average hot tub design is 350 to 400 kilo and therefore after water, the weight will be near to 2 tonnes.


2, Prepare Your Electrical Supply.

All our power specifications are on our Download E-Brochures and most recommend a 32 amp feed to enjoy a pure and smooth performance of the spa with a 6mm armoured cable.


3, Prepare The Location Of Your Hot Tub Model.

Location Location , location ! this is very important part of any process, hot tubs as mentioned above are very heavy when full and even empty, so please do not consider them to be like a sofa and can be moved every time you need a change, with the base and surrounding you will no doubt add over the course of time, please consider your new spa as a part of the house like a extension and therefore permanent.

If you are considering a gazebo or summer house for the hot tub , please deliver the hot tub first and then build the rest of the building after delivery to eliminate any potential access problems.


4, Privacy & Sunlight.

Please ensure for you own privacy and enjoyment to place the hot tub to enjoy any natural gifts on offer from your garden location such as privacy, sunlight & shelter.


5, Make Sure The Hot Tub Has Clear Access To Cabinets.

When positioning the tub, please ensure that the hot tub has clear access if possible to all 4 sides of the hot tub so the cabinets can be accessed, if your design involves raised decking or a sunken look, please consider this access when designing and planning as it might not be important in the early stages but it could be needed in future years. ( think worst case scenario)

6, Choose The Right Chemicals

Even though our hot tubs come efficient and effective filter systems, chemicals are a necessity in all hot tubs, there are 2 options of either chlorine or bromine – both are good so do your home work on which is best for yourselves.

Most of our buyer tends to go for the bromine option as it’s less intense and does not cause skin irritation or red eye.

However bromine does not dissolve and work as well in hard water areas so if unsure on which chemical is best , please see a local spa chemical dealer in your area who would have expert knowledge of the water in the area and help decide the right chemicals to use.


7, Make Sure The Hot Tub Can Get Into Your Location.

Hot tubs are very large and heavy items so please make sure there is access to your garden, summer house, gym etc for the hot tub to have access. 

To make a successful delivery we need clear access to the placement point.  

We turn the spa on its side to make a delivery so if for example you buy the Perseus Deluxe hot tub, this will be requiring a width of 1.2 metres wide (hot tub width 95cm + 10cm for packaging + 15cm extra for spa caddy and hand space .) 

If you access is tight and you feel you need a lift via a crane or hiab.


8, Make Sure You Choose The Right Hot Tub To Suit Your Circumstances.

A good range  caters for all tastes and so it’s now on to yourselves to choose the right hot tub option to satisfy your requirements.

Points to looks at

a, size – Make sure the model you choose is the right size for your family and also can fit into your location

b, seats – Choose the seats you require and also remember all the friends & family who will suddenly come round to visit you with a towel!. Hot tubs like Apollo are great friends and family hot tubs as they are all seater and square so everyone can sit and relax and chat together like and outdoor dining makes sure you table.

c, loungers – These are a great option so consider if you like a lounger or 2 with your spa, please look at the options we have in Athena, Perseus, Emperor & Viscount with 2 loungers.

d, hydrotherapy jets – Hydrotherapy is major part to the hot tub designs we distribute , so consider the different type of jets on offer and remember our jets are distributed evenly to the HP power of our pumps , be careful of hot tubs of masses of jets and little HP to support them.

e, media – all our designs  come equipped with media but the more larger style models have more upgraded audio systems to choose from.

f, colour  - we have a nice range of colours to choose from so make sure you select the right colour you prefer , the drop down is very easy on the website and if you need to ask  about a certain colours availability, please do not hesitate to ask.


9, Drain & Power Points.

 Zspas and Zen Spas hot tubs only need a power cable as the only exterior component to start the hot tub running.

The power point and drain point are on the same side on all our hot tubs so consider this when positioning the hot tub and also when you place your power points.

For more details on the position of the drain and power source on each hot tub model, please contact us or check the specification on the e-brochure for each model. Each design has its own brochure & the brochures can be found on each product page or in the download brochure section of the website 


10, …. And Finally …..

Make sure you clean the hot tub every 3 months and look after the running of your new spa, Zspa & Zen Spa hot tubs are the height of luxury which will give you countless hours of entertainment and relaxation.

Also check the water levels constantly and also check and clean the filters fortnightly.

Make sure those who use the hot tub are clean & wearing no extreme cases of moisturizers, perfumes, detergant (on swimwear) & strictly no fake tan !

There is not a doubt these hot tubs will look after you but to maintain the status quo, please look after your hot tub !
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