House Alarm Sensors & Detectors

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You can purchase a number of very different types of PIR detector/sensor. Each different type or sensor will provide a different type of protection and cover for your home/office. You will therefore need to workout what type of sensor will work best for your property. Below is a list of some of the different types and the uses for them

Standard Motion detector (PIR)
Pet friendly detector
Dual tech sensor
External waterproof sensor
Garden radar
Curtain Sensor

A standard motion detector works by detecting movement in a given area. When active if someone moves in front of the sensor it will pick up the movement and trigger the alarm system. You will find this type of sensor typically in the corner of a room providing around 8 meters of coverage. You can buy this type of sensor with adjustable ranges, therefore allowing a better coverage. This is the most common type of PIR, but can come in different types of fixing, these are either wall mounted or ceiling mounted, and can either have an inbuilt aerial or an extendable aerial. the inbuilt type tends to be much smaller and therefore not so intrusive, however they will have a smaller link range with the panel, this is normally around 50 meters. The type with an extendable aerial will have a far greater range of link cover. The type sold on Global Gadgets have a link range of over 200 meters direct line of sight. But in most installs you will never need to extend an aerial.

A pet friendly sensor works just the same as a standard motion detector, just that they have the sensitivity reduced on them, this then means it takes a greater size to cause the PIR sensor to activate and therefore trigger the alarm system. Where possible we believe that pet friendly PIR should be used to a minimum and if possible not used at all. There is always a better option in our eyes and we would be more than happy to discuss this in detail if required. This is our view only, but if a large dog does not trigger a PET PIR than a small child/teenager (Quite often used in house breakins) will also not trigger a pet friendly PIR, we therefore believe that caution is used when considering pet friendly PIR’s.

Dual tech sensors use a combination of motion detection and microwave sensors, there greatly reduce the risk of false alarms as it requires both sensors to be activated before it triggers the alarm system. The down side with dual tech sensors is the cost and this can be 5-8 times the cost of a standard motion detector.

Garden radar sensors are slightly different from the normal type of PIR and really should come under a page of there own. In fact due to the way in which they work we will create a page just for them….watch this space!

lastly we have the curtain PIR, believe it or not they do not work with curtains and in fact the name has nothing to do with curtains at all. It is in fact the way in which the sensor puts out its beam of protection.  You would typically use a curtain PIR in a bay window, above patio or french doors or in a hall way. they work in that they put a beam of protection from the sensor to the floor. if someone walks through this beam, it activates the PIR and then this triggers the burglar alarm system. Global Gadgets sell a curtain PIR that is an intelligent PIR, this means that you can teach the PIR that is is only activated when someone walks through the bean one way, but not the other. This means that say you have the curtain PIR covering a patio door and the sensor armed, you could walk out of the patio door and it would not activate the sensor, as long as you came back in again within 5-10 minutes it would still not activate the sensor, but if you came through the beam from outside the property into the property this would activate the sensor. You can also use them in a hallway in much the same way……..For instance…..You have the curtaiin PIR covering the stairs, when armed you can go down the stairs to the kitchen and as long as you return within 10 minutes it would not activate, and trigger the alarm, but if an intruder were to come up the stairs it would activate and then trigger the alarm system. we believe that this type of PIR is one of the best to use in your property and should be used where possible. As stated you will find this type of PIR in our eBay shop for a very good price.

There are many many different types of sensor avaliable in the market place, they range form standard door contacts to smoke sensors to pressure pads. we will try our best to cover the most common types you will come across and how they are used and what they will cover…..

Door/Window contacts
Vibration sensors
Glass break sensors
Smoke sensors
CO sensors
Water/leak sensors

Door/window contacts come in 2 parts, one part is a magnet and the other part is the actual sensor. When placed together they make contact via the magnet, if the magnet is moved away from the sensor the link is broken and the sensor is activated which in turn triggers the alarm system. they are very smart simple sensors to fit and most come with a sticky pad to secure them as well as fixings to secure them with screws. If possible it is always best to fix in place with screws! The ones sold in our eBay shop can be used with no problems on double glazed windows and frames. You fix one part of the sesnor to the door itself and the other part to the door frame, you must line them both up and most will allow for a gap of no more than 10m between the sensor and the magnet. if using on a window, the same applies, one part on the fixed frame of the window, and the other part to the moving part of the window. Again the ones sold by Global Gadgets have a range of around 100 meters. They come with an aerial which in most properties does not need to be extended, but if the walls are very thick or the distance is long, then the aerial may need to be pulled out.

A vibration sensors does what it says on the tin, it picks up vibrations and when it does it activates the sensor and triggers the alarm. They are used where perhaps someone kicks a front door, or on a garden shed, we also hear of people that put them inside golf bags, fishing equipment, tool boxes and even horse saddles. If you want to protect an item that is portable then these are the sensor to use.  Again like the door/window contact, the ones sold by Global Gadgets come with an aerial, that can be extended if need be. And just like them again, they have a range of around 100 meters. They are the best type of sensor to use.

A glass break sensor is 2 sensors in one. You get the standard magnet part of the sensor, where if one part is moved away from the other it activates the sesnor, but you also get a very small sensor that is linked by a thin wire that attches to the glass itself. if the glass is smashed the sesnor is activated and the alarm triggered. These are by far the best sensor to use on widows and if cost is not an issue then use them to cover all windows. You will get the best protection for your property if you have glass break sensors on all windows.

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