Housing Assembly Replacement Parts and Tools for a Smartphone

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How to Buy Housing Assembly Replacement Parts and Tools for a Smartphone

The housing assembly of a smart phone is the front and rear outer shell. It usually consists of a panel with a glass touch-screen and a keyboard or buttons on the front and an opaque glass or plastic panel on the back. The housing assembly is what protects the functional parts of the phone from damage. It gives the phone its shape, and it defines the phone’s outward appearance. It is not at all uncommon for smartphone owners to replace their phones’ housing assemblies, either out of necessity or to create a phone with a distinctive look. Housing assemblies for the most popular smartphone models are available in a variety of colours and patterns. Some are even decorated with flags, pictures, and logos. Most smartphone owners replace the assembly themselves, at home, using replacement parts and tools purchased on the internet. Here are a few tips for choosing housing assembly replacement parts, selecting the right tools, and choosing a distinctive look for the phone’s housing assembly.

The Tools of the Trade

In order to install the new housing assembly, a few tools will be needed. Sometimes, these tools are included with the newly purchased housing assembly. It is not uncommon for a housing assembly, especially one marketed to fashion-conscious buyers, to come bundled with the screwdriver or screwdrivers needed to install it. However, if it doesn’t, then they will have to be purchased separately. Just research the type of screwdriver bits needed for the specific phone's brand and model, and then search for the appropriate tools. However, the screwdrivers are not the only tools needed. An anti-static cuff will also be required. Otherwise, the smartphone’s electronic components could be ruined by static electricity. While working on the phone, wear the cuff and attach the clip at the other end to something that goes to ground, for example, a metal plumbing pipe. Most people also find that they need a guitar pick or a specially designed tool to pop the housing off the smartphone after the screws have been removed.

Replacing a Broken Housing Assembly

When replacing a smartphone’s housing assembly, always wear an antistatic cuff. Work on a clean, uncluttered surface with enough room to lay out the phone components and fasteners. If the disassembly process is complex, document it in photos or take notes. It always helps to have instructions at hand, as well. When disassembling the smartphone, remember to organise and protect any tiny screws that are removed from the phone. Take as much time as is needed, and be careful of the electronics in the phone’s interior.

Installing a Bespoke Housing Assembly

Another option is to buy a distinctive housing assembly from one of the many vendors that manufacture them. This can be a fun project whether or not the existing housing is damaged. Many smartphone users are choosing to install bespoke housing assemblies to give their phones a unique look. It makes the phones more difficult to lose, easier to find, and less appealing to steal. It is also a great way to express taste and personality through this most personal of electronic devices.

Buying a Replacement Housing Assembly That Looks Like the Original

Some smartphones have glass housing assemblies that can crack or even shatter when the phone is dropped. Plastic housings can crack fairly easily, as well. When this happens, it is a fairly simple matter to replace the broken housing assembly with a new one. Replacement parts for current phones will be available new. Just make sure that the part is right for the specific smartphone model it is needed for. For archaic phones or phones with difficult to find parts, just buy a damaged phone and reuse its housing assembly. It’s an inexpensive and environmentally responsible solution.

Changing the Phone’s Colour with a Replacement Housing Assembly

The most basic decorative smartphone housing assemblies are simply a different colour than the original housing. While black, white, and chrome dominate the industrial design of consumer electronics, many smartphone users prefer a brighter, more fashionable look for their phone. Housings are available in every colour of the rainbow, and even in transparent and semi-transparent designs. Choose an orange panel for an urban look or a green panel as a nod to environmentalism. Imagine a high tech, yet colourful and whimsical smartphone housing that’s brightly coloured and partially transparent, harkening back to Apple’s original iMac design. All of these are widely available for the popular brands.

Choosing a Replacement Housing Assembly with a Picture

Housing assemblies are even available with pictures, and they can do a lot to express the owner’s personality and taste. Especially for the most popular smartphone brands, there is a wide selection of decorative smartphone housings available. Demonstrate national or family pride with a Union Jack, a Cross of St. Andrew, a Welsh red dragon, or an Irish harp. The flags of many of the world’s nations are available as smartphone housing assemblies. Sports fans can choose a favourite sports team’s colours or logo. Film and television aficionados can choose anything from a Transformers Autobot symbol to an image from Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Why not make the back of the smartphone look like Doctor Who’s tardis? Go full-out femme with smartphone housings that have been decorated with rhinestones or crystals. Show taste and refinement with smartphone housings decorated with art. Look for abstracts, pop art, cartoon characters, and super-heroes. Another option is to choose a picture of a favourite breed of dog, cat, or horse.

Choosing a Replacement Housing Assembly with a Pattern

Replacement smartphone housings come with patterns, as well. Two of the most popular are military camouflage and leopard skin prints. Soldiers and veterans can give a nod to their military experience with a camo smartphone housing. For people who like to show their wild side, a leopard skin or zebra strip housing is just the ticket. Some phone owners prefer high-tech patterns, colour gradients or polka dots. Why not look for asmartphone housing with a paisley pattern or the family tartan? How could a phone like that ever get lost? These patterns can be truly stunning, especially the ones designed for phone models that have glass housings.

In Conclusion

Replacing the housing assembly on a smartphone is a project that most people can do at home with just a few specialised tools and a little bit of research. Some people undertake a housing assembly replacement to replace a scratched, cracked, or shattered smartphone housing assembly. Some may want to give their Samsung Galaxy S7 a distinctive look by adding a back panel in an unusual colour or with a picture or pattern. A distinctive housing assembly can help to keep the phone safe by making it easier to recognise, as well.

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