Hovercraft Guide - What to consider before purchase

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Hovercraft Guide
If you are purchasing a hovercraft for Leisure, Rental, Commercial, Rescue, Patrol, Super Yacht tender, Survey use, this guide provides information to help you select the best type of hovercraft to suit your application.  Based on what we have seen and heard of other hovercraft, we remain convinced that the Hov Pod is the best small hovercraft available.
Our design approach addresses and overcomes issues that have plagued other hovercraft designs. We ship more hovercraft than any other supplier. Contact Hov Pod Hovercraft for pricing and dealer opportunities.
1 Hovercraft are weight dependent
Hov Pod SPX TCC 120HP Turbo Hovercraft are weight dependent - so called "racing pedigree" hovercraft tend to be constructed from thin glass fibre that lacks durability for cruising and commercial use. The Hov Pod SPX TCC is manufactured from HDPE - High Density Polyethylene - designed to last considerably longer than glass fibre models. HDPE is highly buoyant, very durable. Our new range will be constructed from Carbon Fibre / Kevlar Composite - from single to 6 seater.

2 Hov Pod SPX TCC 65HP
Hov Pod SPX TCC 65HP The Hov Pod hovercraft has been designed to be easy to use, and has many safety features not found on other models, such as rear guard, kill cords, anti-plow skirts.

3 Hov Pod SPX TCC +
The Hov Pod SPX TCC + range are suited to leisure and commercial operations. Minimal training is required, since we do away with unnecessary complications by optimizing trim in the factory - no elevators, trim levers to get wrong, so you can be up and away in no time.

4 Hovercraft for a wide variety of commercial applications
This hovercraft is configured for survey operations in the desert to find Unexploded Ordnance (UXO). It is configured with GPS mapping and ground survey equipment to locate sub-terrain items of interest. Could be used over any flat surface so useful for hydrographic surveys.

5 Hovercraft Rescue from floods, fast running shallow water, ice, sand, mud.
We supply rescue organizations with rugged HDPE rescue hovercraft that have the strength, durability and buoyancy to deal with ice rescues. We rejected skirt materials used by other suppliers, neoprene coated nylon suffers from UV (sunlight) degradation, Hypalon tears too easily, we fit anti-plow polyurethane coated nylon 375gsm segmented skirts.

6 Hovercraft for experience day rentals
Hovercraft are very popular, many people like to learn how to fly a hovercraft, so we supply hovercraft to rental companies around the world. Hovercraft rentals can be very lucrative, cash or voucher based for positive cash-flow.

7 Military or police patrol applications
Whether for border patrol to protect borders from terrorism, drug, gun or people trafficking , or for use during flooding emergencies, and post flood relief operations, smaller patrol hovercraft are far more affordable than large conventional military hovercraft or helicopters. No special pilots required, just jump on and go, no specialist engineers required, simple and easy to maintain.

8 Hovercraft for access over snow and ice
Where a snow mobile might fall through thin ice, the Hov Pod Hovercraft will happily fly over any flat surface, whether snow, ice, water, sand, mud - enabling you to access your winter cabin to carry out routine maintenance or use it at times of the year when your neighbors cannot. Great for ice fishing, reaching the parts that others cannot reach. Some customers use for gold and oil exploration.

9 SuperYacht Tender
Imagine owning a SuperYacht but not being able to reach the shore at low tide, how frustrating! Or in shallow waters and in fear of damaging the propeller on your conventional tender. The Hov Pod has no prop to get damaged, it hovers at a height of 8 inches above the surface so no fear of damage from submerged rocks, coral, manatees, turtles - when it reaches the beach, just fly over the sand to step out on dry land, how cool. Great for guest entertainment.
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