How Beauty Spells Work

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Recently, one of our clients' asked us whether beauty spells worked on a person's appearance, or rather, on their perception of how they look.  The answer is 'both'.  However, it's considerably more complicated than that.

Even the most beautiful people use mirrors to hunt for imperfections, amd whilst vanity is seen as shallow, low self esteem has to be even worse as it cripples many a person's ability to present themselves in the best possible light.

Thus a skin softening spell starts to take effect the moment the subject uses the mirror to look for improvements instead of things to criticize. The person is now actively seeking a positive instead of a negative.  By the Universal Law of Attraction, what you focus upon you get - so looking for a positive outcome will actively attract just that! 

The smallest improvement can hugely boost a subjects' self esteem.  The glow of inner confidence is magnetically attractive and irresistible to many people.  Hence the subject will suddenly find they are getting compliments and positive comments.  This, in turn will lead to a further boost in self esteem, and as the subject enjoys a newfound whirl of positive attention, the placebo effect takes over, a seeming miracle slowly unfolds, and the body rejuvenates. 

The human body is miraculous, it's programmed to self heal, it can, and does, cure itself of 'incurable' diseases, and so, in this light, a small cosmetic improvement is surely not wildly unlikely?  But caught up in the whirlwind of change for the better, the subject will swear that the physical improvement came first, then the compliments followed.  They didn't.  The persons' newfound positive mental attitude engaged other peoples' attention, this enabled the person to feel more cherished, and this encouraged their body's ability to self repair. 

Unfortunately, most people are unable to sustain their intent for lasting physical improvement for very long.  They simply cannot hold that level of focus for any length of time.  This is where the real magic comes in.  When a group of trained practitioners convene and concentrate a spell upon a subject, they can prolong the effects indefinitely.  The nearest equivalent to illustrate this would be the phenomenon known as kinesiology, or 'muscle testing'.  Two of our members used to lecture upon, and give demonstrations of kinesiology.

Kinesiology involves asking a subject to hold their arm out.  When light pressure is applied, their arm will have a natural resistance and pliancy.  When the subject concentrates on feelgood thoughts, their arm will strengthen noticeably. Alternatively, when they think lowly, negative thoughts about themselves, their arm will collapse under light pressure.

The really interesting - and magical - effect is demonstrated when the subject is requested to think negative thoughts again.  Having seen the dramatic effects of negative thoughts, the subject will expect their arm to collapse again.  However, the subject is invariably baffled when their arm stays strong this time. 

Without their knowledge, the group has been beaming positive thoughts at them, and this has completely overridden and countered the subjects' own inner negative thoughts.  The  placebo effect cannot possibly be part of this, as the subject is always kept unaware of the groups' intent.  We have conducted this experiment time and time again and it invariably works.It's a beautiful illustration of the likeliest physical mechanism behind magic, and underlines the interconnectedness of us all!

So yes, beauty spells do work, but perhaps not in the way you may have thought they do!

Love and Light.  Spellcasters UK.









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