How Can I get My Ebay Store Noticed!

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The age old concern from hundreds if not thousands of members of the worlds most loved auction site is that they just cant get their store noticed. They list product after product but the visitors just dont come on over and the sales are not what they should be.

You have a good product that will sell if you can just get the traffic to your site to see what you are selling. Remember that setting up an ebay shop is not just as simple as listing a few items and waiting for the sales, your shop is a business that needs to be shown to the world.

You need to treat your ebay Store as a Business if you want to succeed, if you were an offline business people would walk past your store but may not come in. If you were out of town you would have to look for alternative ways to get people to your store to buy things. Start treating your Business like a Business and it will treat you like an owner.

So your business is based online which limits the type of advertising that you can do. You could do offline marketing but will that really attract the type of customers you are after? (ie will they have a PC to access Ebay or the Internet?).

There are many ways in which you can advertise your store and products online and some of them are very very productive.

The first and the Most productive is Pay Per Click Advertising - Search engines like Google offer businesses the chance to advertise their services and products for a fee. Create a campaign, add keywords and when people click on your ads you pay the fee per click. The great thing about this service is you set the price per click.

The second is Article Marketing - You are reading an example of this right now. Submitting articles is a great way of driving traffic to your websites or Auctions/Stores. There are hundreds of sites all over the internet that collect articles written by people from all walks of life on every subject. Webmasters then search these directories and find articles that match the niche that they are working in and use them to build websites. In your article you can leave a resource box with a link back to your store and within a short while you will start to see the results.

The third is Advertising on other peoples sites - This can prove productive but very expensive. For example you can pay $97.00 for a Single advert in a newsletter that goes out to a list of prospects that a fellow store owner has but results are not that guaranteed as you dint really know how responsive the list is.

My single most important peice of advice is to SUBMIT YOUR SITE TO THE SEARCH ENGINES! What does this mean?

Well you have to submit your store's unique URL to the search engines such as google and yahoo as without doing that your site will not be listed. Over time your stores listings will be placed into the search engines directories creating free listings for you. If you work in a less well known niche you may well end up top on the keywords your store uses.

To submit your sites/stores conduct a search on the search engines for submission sites that do it for free as these submitt them in bulk to the engines, or do it via the control panels that google offers webmasters.

Remember, you must do some of the advertising yourself to get traffic from OUTSIDE of ebay itself.

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