How Can You Customise Your Toyota?

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How Can You Customise Your Toyota?

A custom car is a passenger vehicle that has undergone some modifications. The culture of custom cars began in the mid-1950s in California in the U.S. Toyotas are very popular cars, and they can typically be customised by improving the performance through engine modifications and by customising the style to make it look unique compared to other cars made by the manufacturer. As of 2009, Toyota lists more than 70 different models that have been sold under its brand name, including various sedans, coupes, SUVs, trucks, and hybrids. High-quality parts and accessories for Toyota vehicles can be used to customise your Toyota to your individual standards.

Knowledge of the various methods of customising a Toyota vehicle and the different buying considerations for parts and accessories is imperative for buyers. Toyota vehicles and the numerous related accessories can be acquired from automotive stores as well as online. eBay, for example, features a very large collection of Toyota vehicles and countless accessories for the various models.

A Look at the Custom Car Culture

From the transmission to the paint, a typical car can be customised in many ways. Some customisations are practical choices, while other options are purely for show. The earliest custom cars had names like 'lead sleds' and 'tail draggers'. With the advancement of time, the custom car culture spread all over the world.

Lowering the entire chassis is one of the common steps in customising a vehicle. These cars, termed low-riders, draw attention to their riders as they cruise around. Paint is the second most common customisation option for most vehicle owners. Throughout history, custom cars have reflected the style sense and the imagination of their drivers. The possibilities are endless, with budget serving as the only constraint for many drivers who want to turn their cars into their own 'brands'.

In the 1960s, the customising culture saw new heights of popularity as the practice of sectioning bodies and chopping the tops was in full swing. The latter basically involves lowering the roof of a car and cutting some metal out of the roof pillars, typically for a sleeker look. The sectioning of the car body, on the other hand, is a more expensive and involved experience since it requires a predetermined amount of metal to be cut from the body perimeter. It is generally the most time consuming customisation option because it is carried out in a number of steps, each requiring significant time. Regardless of the fact that this is a time consuming practice, it is widely believed that sectioning and chopping take custom cars to a whole new level.

With the increase in the popularity of custom cars, the customisation process has become more and more sophisticated and intricate. Gold plating now often replaces chrome, for example. Not surprisingly, many of the custom cars driving on the roads in major cities have had more money spent on their customisations than their initial cost.

Many custom car clubs have been formed over the years, and shows are frequently organised for staging custom cars. With the popularity of such shows, more and more curious onlookers are attracted to the idea, and the practice has continued to thrive as a worldwide phenomenon.

In the particular case of Toyota, the following production and sales figures for the last few years in Japan reveal the global appreciation for Toyota vehicles. The trend in custom Toyota vehicles follows suit.
















The figures are taken from publicly available information just to show the overwhelming popularity of Toyota vehicles. Nonetheless, a buyer is always advised to research thoroughly before making a purchasing decision for a vehicle.

Affordable Ways to Customise a Toyota

Popular television shows telecast the customisation of various vehicles, most of which are not affordable for the majority of car owners across the globe. Fortunately, there are several affordable ways of customising your Toyota. With a little attention to detail and by following some general tips and tricks, you can turn your Toyota into a whole new creation.

Interior Customisations

A typical Toyota interior has many trim panels, and most of them can easily be removed or modified. One of the most common and affordable modification ideas is to paint the dashboard and other interior trim panels. Some vehicle owners prefer matching the exterior and the interior by painting the bits and pieces in the same colour, while others prefer contrasting colours. If you are interested in interior paint, you should look for high-quality, plastic paints for interior customisation. It is always recommended that you take out the panels before painting to avoid damaging other parts.

Upholstery covers are yet another affordable interior customisation idea. Purchasing new seat covers can give a vehicle a whole new look and also cover up any damage that may exist on factory upholstery. Owners can also have the seats reupholstered, but this is a more expensive option.

Exterior Customisations

For the exterior of a Toyota, a vehicle wrap is a great alternative to a custom paint job. It is typically a large decal that adheres to the surface and can be removed when desired, unlike a custom paint job. Vehicle wraps are generally very affordable at a few hundred pounds, as compared to paint jobs that can run as high as thousands, depending on the customisations chosen.

Custom decals are yet another alternative to vehicle wraps. Decals are smaller and are placed in specific locations, and they also have lower price tags. A grille cover is also an affordable customisation option that can give the illusion of a custom grille.

Customising Your Toyota

When it comes to your Toyota, you can really customise your model to make it stand out on the road. Genuine Toyota components are very helpful in this regard, and they offer people a lot of options. Starting with the bumper, you can add ornamentation as you like. Pinstripes in a variety of colours can be added to the sides of a Toyota, for example.

The licence plate of a Toyota can also be customised. Personalised registration or vanity plates are available in numerous styles, and these make great expression tools. You can pay tribute to your alma mater, your hobbies, favourite sports, and many other things on such plates. Names and quotations can also be added for uniqueness.

Getting a personalised paint job is one of the most common customisation options. You can add almost anything from landscapes to tropical flowers or just paint the entire vehicle in a unique colour. Aftermarket rims and tyres are also extremely popular customisation options.

A set of curtains for the rear and side windows of a Toyota is another possible customisation idea. Many people install decorative accessories in the interior that match the Toyota's colours. Track lighting can be added along the side ramps to make your vehicle more visible at night, and magnetic signs are a great add-on if you use your Toyota for business purposes.

Buying a Toyota or Customisation Accessories on eBay

The Toyota itself and the various related accessories for customising the car can easily be acquired on eBay. Use the search bar on the eBay home page to begin your search. Enter a relevant query into the bar to see the results. For some queries, eBay also suggests a few related searches that can also facilitate the buying process. Using the various filters, you can get down to a useful list of products in no time. Possible search terms for Toyota customisations might include Toyota seat covers, magnetic signs, rims and tyres.

It is always recommended that you start looking for a product in your vicinity first. This helps you reduce or eliminate delivery charges. This can simply be done by entering your postcode. If you are lucky enough to find the desired product in your neighbourhood, you can pick up the order from the seller at a convenient time as soon as the transaction is successfully processed. Otherwise, you can look for options on eBay that include reasonable shipping prices. Another recommended practice before making a purchase is to go through the seller's feedback and product reviews on eBay before placing an order so that you can feel comfortable about the seller.


A passenger vehicle that has gone through modifications is called a custom car. The culture of custom cars began in the 1950s in the United States and has remained extremely popular since that time. Customising a Toyota or any other vehicle generally involves making stylistic changes that visually appeal to the owner, although engine-related customisations are sometimes made, as well. Engine customisations are generally designed to improve performance, whereas style modifications are intended to make a vehicle look unique when compared to other similar vehicles by the manufacturer.

Knowledge of the evolution of custom cars, the various affordable ways of customising a car, and possible ways to customise your own Toyota is helpful when it comes to making customisation decisions. High-quality parts and accessories made by Toyota and other manufacturers can be used to customise your Toyota. Besides local dealerships and retailers, eBay features a large collection of Toyota vehicles and related customisation accessories in a number of associated variants.

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