How Castor Oil Helps Hair Growth

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You've probably heard by now that castor oil can work wonders for length retention and preventing hair loss, but why exactly is it so good? With it's richness in fatty acids such as Omega 9 coupled with it's anti-fungal and anti-septic properties there is no wonder that this oil has been shown to provide many with positive results when it comes to growing strong, healthy hair.

1. It makes your hair shiny: The keratin in your hair is strengthened as the hair is coated in anti-oxidants which prevent dullness and facilitate in adding shine to your hair after washing. Castor oil has quite a thick consistency so when washing it's important to use a cleansing shampoo that can fully remove the oil from your strand so that your hair is properly cleaned.

2. Helps hair growth and prevents hair loss: The castor oil contains anti-oxidants which stimulate hair growth and the roots by increasing blood flow to the scalp. Stimulating the scalp will promoted hair growth at the follicles. This helps hair that is thinning and can also help speed up hair growth.

3. Strengthens hair: the Omega 9 in the oil strengthens the hair follicles which helps make sure the new hair growth is strong and it also provides protection for existing hair by protecting it from sun and heat damage. This mean less breakage and therefore more length retention.

4. Improves scalp health: The oil contains anti-fungal properties which help kill of bacteria that may be living on the scalp and hindering new hair growth. This will help the overall health of the scalp and will lead to healthier hair growth. Hair growth starts at the roots and with a healthy scalp you'll get healthy hair. Keeping the scalp clean and in good condition is vital for hair growth.
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