How Contraceptive Monitors Work

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Contraceptive monitors, such as Cyclotest 2 Plus, work by measuring your body temperature to distinguish between your highly fertile, fertile and non-fertile phase.  Contraceptive monitors have become increasingly popular in the last few years due to more and more health conscious women seeking out hormone-free forms of birth control that don't interrupt their natural cycle.  Cyclotest 2 Plus is a very safe, reliable form of contraception and it is also very easy to use.

Every morning, directly on waking, place the temperature sensor in one of the pockets under your tongue, press the large round button on your cyclotest 2 plus and wait for a beep to sound, indicating that the measurement has been completed. Afterwards, remove the temperature sensor from your mouth and read your fertility status for that particular day indicated in the display. Cyclotest 2 plus distinguishes between 3 fertility statuses: non-fertile, fertile and highly fertile.

You don’t have to measure throughout your entire cycle.  You only have to measure from the start of your period through to the start of your non-fertile phase after cyclotest 2 plus has indicated in its display that you have finished ovulating. Start measuring directly on waking in the morning after the start of your period and take your body temperature once a day while still lying in bed before engaging in any activity. For clear results it is important that you have slept for at least 5 hours and that you have not gotten up one hour before measuring. If you have slept for less than this time or your sleep has been repeatedly interrupted, simply skip the measurement scheduled for the next morning. During the long non-fertile phase after ovulation, you don’t have to continue measuring. Simply resume measuring after the onset of your next period.

You set the time window with the time of your measurement on the morning after the start of your period. The time window is +/- 2 hours calculated from the time of the first measurement in the current cycle. If, for example, you take your first measurement in the cycle at 8 o’clock in the morning, you can take your morning measurements for the rest of the cycle between 6 and 10 am. This time window is redefined for each new cycle with your first measurement, so it’s completely up to you!

Don’t take measurements when you are ill and/or running a fever. You can resume measuring when you are feeling normal again.  If you have acquired or have been prescribed a new medicine/drug, you should ask your doctor or your pharmacist whether the medicine/drug in question will alter your body temperature. If it does, stop measuring with Cyclotest 2 Plus until you have stopped taking the medicine or have finished that particular treatment.

To learn more about fertility, contraceptive monitors and Cyclotest 2 Plus, contact RDO Medical.
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