How Do You Grow Thicker Hair?

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In the Western world, in the city, we are exposed to so many toxins in our food, environment and even within us that at one point most of us will experience a serious health problem such as cancer. A slightly less serious problem is hair loss or hair thinning however it is still a  health issue

Many have become accustomed to hair thinning being a natural part of our lives and to some extent it is, but not at the current rate people experience it. So to thicken our hair back to it's youthful state, we start by addressing a much deeper health problem.

1 . DIET
You don't have to be a scientist to know diet  is an essential part of living.

If you eat artificial food which doesn't contain much nutrition or is not easily digested such as processed, sugary and fried foods, then it can deprives your organs and your hair of the essential nutrients it needs to stay healthy. 

It can also cause  inflammation  which we know today is a cause of hair loss. Therefore, the first step to growing thicker hair is to improve your diet by eating  fresher , more  natural  foods and in a  limited quantities

Another vital aspect of your lifestyle which needs to be improved if you are to grow thicker hair is your  stress . There have been numerous studies which have provided evidence that our mental state and stress can affect our DNA. It is no secret that stress directly affects the health of your hair but how? Again inflammation has a major part to play not to mention the free radical damage and the lack of oxygen being supplied to your hair when you are stressed all the time. 

One common mistake people make is  over-washing hair , especially with shampoos which strip your skin of its vitality and dry it out. 
Continuous external damage from these commercially advertised brands can thin hair over time. Similarly using  gels  and  waxes , or  styling  your hair with straighteners all break up the protein structures and can inhibit keratin production. The best thing to use as a shampoo is  Taoist Soap

Not only is this made from only natural  ingredients meaning  no nasty side effects , but it actively thickens hair by  improving blood circulation  in the scalp. 
It is gentle enough to use everyday, and works by reducing inflammation and  detoxifying  the scalp. It should definitely be in your shower if you are serious about thickening your hair the natural way and you will start seeing results within the first week. 
Most other brands are only able to  temporarily  thicken the hair shaft giving it the appearance of thicker hair but wears off shortly after use. 

The reason Taoist Soap works is because it has the ability to improve blood circulation and reduce inflammation however these need not stop at shampoos. You can  replicate  this effect through other methods when you are not washing your hair!  Exercise  is very important for this reason - intense exercise. 

It is not enough to say 'I walk everyday' because it doesn't make you  breathless . Jogging, skipping and other exercise of this nature improve blood circulation and contributes to preventing the build up  arterial plaque

Another method to improve circulation in the scalp is by massaging your hair for 15-20 minutes every day. If you are suffering from hair loss as well, you will notice a sudden drop in the number of hairs falling after just a few days. 

Combining all this methods together can help you grow thicker hair naturally without any side effects that drugs will cause. You are improving your general health simultaneously so you will feel more energetic and alert on top of a healthier head of hair!
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