How Do You Know If You Are Buying Quality Sunglasses?

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Can you really tell if the sunglasses you are buying on ebay are of good quality?

There are several ways you can spot wether a seller is genuine and they are selling sunglasses made of good quality materials.

1. Check the sellers feedback: You'll always find if customers are getting a good deal by reading comments on a sellers feedback.

2. Check the sellers 'account type' Under 'Meet The Seller' at the top right of each listing. Is it 'Business' or is it 'Member' If it is 'Business' then they seller is selling on ebay as a business conscientiously with your welfare in mind. If it is 'Member' and they are selling several new items, they may not be a genuine business and may not be registered with the inland revenue so may not care too much about their customers either.

3. Check the price of the item: Several sellers sell supposed quality sunglasses at starting price prices e.g. 99p It is very unlikely that the seller can buy quality at this price, let alone below it to make a profit. So it is unlikely to be genuine, unless the item is secondhand of course or of inferior quality.

4. Do they come with tags?

5. Do they offer Paypal to make you, the buyer feel safer about buying from them with Paypal's buyer protection policies?

6. Do they offer a money back guarantee? If they do then they are confident that they have a quality product to sell to the customer. Example of money back guarantee here

A Lesson In Quality.

Does the seller mention what the lenses are made of? Most modern sunglass lenses are made of polycarbonate because it is an extremely tough material as used for airplane windshields and almost scratch free. Each sheet of polycarbonate has an optical centre and all the top quality brands cut away from the optical centre and throw away the rest of the sheet because the nearer you get to the edge the more imperfections you'll find. Cheaper brands cannot afford to throw away any part of the sheet and will cut the whole sheet leaving distortions and imperfections in those lenses. This may or may not be apparent by the naked eye but will show up as a headache which is something you do not want on a sunny day! Kontrol Eyewear lenses are cut from Class A, non recycled lens sheet from the optical centre leaving any imperfections on the sheet and in the bin.

Have  the sellers sunglasses been tested and passed with a certificate of quality and safety? Always ask if it is not shown in the listing or in their ebay shop.


This guide has been provided for your information by Kontrolsports UK who distributes quality sports sunglasses in Europe for Kontrolsports.

Our sunglasses have been tested by the US FDA............Quality Kontrol, Test Standards Passed

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