How Giveaway Sites Actually Work (BBC)

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When you sign up to the site, you will be asked to complete an offer. These offers will be from sponsors of the giveaway site. In the case of this one its companies such as talktalk, aol, lovefilm and even royal mail!

I chose to do lovefilm. Which is a two week free trial which costs absolutely nothing if it is cancalled within 24 hours of the last day of the two weeks. Once this is signed up for, it will appear as offer completed (after a few days to go through)

To receive our free gift of your choice, eg a wii or ps3, you then have to refer a number of friends depending on the cost of your item, and then you just wait. With the companies banking on people taking up more than the free trial, and therefore can afford to pay out free gifts.

Check it out, alot more people would do it however your need a solo/credit/debit card, and therefore they think its a scam however you sign up for the company eg royal main, so is perfectly legit. you can also chose anything from ipods to imacs.

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