How Good Is Your Shop Or Company Name?

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If you run an ebay shop you probably know that you can view statistics about your listings pages, most viewed items, referring domains and most searched words that drove folk into your shop!  If you didn't know about this, then click Manage My Shop from your My Ebay page, then traffic Reports, this will take you off ebay to Omniture who are the same folk that provide statistics for eBay themselves.

Anyway, once you are in there, take a look at the bit that says "Searched words that drove people to my store", have a look in there and see if your company or brand name is shown in the top 10.  If it isn't then maybe you want to consider renaming or rebranding to something more catchy that folk will search for.

Until recently our shop was called Indian Arts & Crafts, occassionally those words would creep into the top ten but rarely.  Since renaming to Kultya our number 1 search is Kultya Colours of India and our number 2 is just Kultya and our biggest selling items that were always number 1, wall hangings, is number 3.

This tells me we must have come up with a good brand name!



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