How Hard It Is To Report A Bad Seller On Ebay

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Hi,All,You are welcome to look at my listings,this is about a seller who has sold the same item 5 times over kept the money and yet ebay have done nothing about it.Sound familiar,Other items also sold by the same seller over and over again and still nothing done about this either.As i write this it is ongoing.I have reported this seller so many times yet nothing was done and guess what i got the same generated email response AT LEAST 9 TIMES  telling me how to claim.I think i have been on here long enough to know how to claim.The seller has been crafty and set the postage date 3 weeks to deliver,guess what,you cant put a claim in till this date has elapsed.During this time the seller is repeatedly selling my phone i bought,5 times in fact and i reported this to ebay and you got it,a generated email on how to claim once the postage date 3 weeks away has elapsed.Now for the fun bit,when all those that have been duped by this seller start claiming the seller will be long gone with our money and it will be ebay under the buyer protection policy that will eventually cough up.In the meantime i am £80 down and cant get it back for over a month.

Heres another bit to the story,try claiming through Paypal and guess what it redirects you straight back to ebay,it says it all,ebay has allowed someone who has been well reported enough for ebay to stop all of this to continue and commit fraud ripping off decent ebay members.If you look hard enough and keep going then you can claim early using Paypal,it recommends you to go through the ebay protocol but ignore it and get your money back as fast as possible.Why should we pay instantly and then have to wait weeks to get it back!!!!!

There should be steps in place to enable ebay to react in certain cases to act swiftly to protect other members on ebay from being ripped off.When a decent member of the ebay community reports such acts then they should take steps to make sure this never happens.

If you fish enough through my ebay you will find the culprit and hopefully avoid them like the plague,i do hope other members have reported them for such a indecent act committed on ebay.

Please take care and dont get annoyed when this happens to you as i have let you know how the system works and yes your protected but at one speed SLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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