How I Conquered Google's Front Page in One Week

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This is how I got the top six search results on Google for the search term lazy internet wealth.

Hopefully the techniques I used might be of interest to others, so I've written this Guide to explain what I did.

First things first: Choose a set of keywords you want to associate with yourself. I chose the phrase 'Lazy Internet Wealth' because it describes the products I'm selling, the words themselves are fairly common, but the phrase itself doesn't have much competition.

I named my  eBay Store after my keywords. I also registered the domain name (I was lucky with this - I decided upon the domain name after naming my store and fortunately the name hadn't already been taken). At the moment the domain name just points to a holding page with the blurb from my auctions and a link to my store.

I created my 'myworld' eBay page, an 'about me' page and an eBay Blog. All of them have lazy internet wealth either in the title or prominently displayed on the page. I also created a blog on blogspot with my keywords in the title. I basically mirrored my eBay blog on it and placed links on it back to my eBay pages.

My eBay listings for my products all contain my keywords and links to my 'about me' page.

I also have a couple of websites which have links to my eBay Store, but not using any particular keywords.

That's more or less all I did, all within the last two weeks. Now I have the top six results on Google and one other result further down the page - that's 70% of the front page search results linking to me and my auctions.

I'm certainly not a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Guru, but these are the points I've discovered:

1) Choose keywords that aren't too competitive (e.g. choosing diet pills will probably not achieve much with these tips).

2) Name your page titles, store and domains after your keywords.

3) Use your keywords as often as you can in your content (pretty obvious really) and use the keywords as anchor text where appropriate.

4) Create as many eBay community pages as you can (e.g. Shop, About Me, MyWorld, Blog etc.) - I believe the major advantage I had was that eBay is already highly ranked by Google, so any eBay pages with your keywords are bound to turn up high in the search results.

5) Try to link to your eBay pages from as many outside sources as possible, using your keywords as anchor text.

That's it in a nutshell. Pretty obvious advice perhaps, but the most important point is to build your pages around your keywords from the start, not try to shoehorn your keywords in later - and build links to and from your pages to increase the strength of your keywords.

(There are naturally many more techniques you can use to boost your pagerank and popularity, but a lot of them involve lots of time, effort and hard work - I believe my tips are pretty simple and easy, so try them out before spending time and money that you might not need to.)

I hope you found this useful. Please visit my  Blog for other selling tips!
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