How I Got A Free iPod Touch

Like if this guide is helpful

By following the steps in this guide you will be able to get yourself a 100% free ipod touch, and when I say free I mean it, not a penny spent.

Step 1


You'll have to copy and paste that into your address bar, I can't post links to sites outside ebay.

Step 2

Choose the freebie of your choice, the 'Freebies' page contains a whole range of products you can get for free. After choosing your freebie you will be taken to the freebie site where you will need to register. The sites will NOT use your details for any other purpose but to contact you regarding your freebie.

Step 3

Once registered you will need to complete an offer from the freebie site, I did the free 2 week trial to Lovefilm, I rented two DVD's, watched them, sent them back and cancelled my subscription, not a penny spent.

Step 4

To qualify for your freebie you will need to refer a certain ammout of people to also do an offer, the number of referrals you need will increase with the value of your freebie, I chose the 8GB iPod Touch and needed to refer 9 people.

So I needed 9 people to do the Lovefilm free trial, I asked all my freinds from uni and got six of them to do it for me, then I asked my auntie, she did it, then my neighbor, he did it, and then my dad, he doesn't live with me so he did it too (you can't do the trial to the same address twice).


Step 5

15 days later all of my referrals went green, meaning they had all completed an offer. 8 out of 9 of the people I referred cancelled the trial after they had recieved two DVD's each, my dad kept his subscription because he liked it.

I got an email saying thank you and that my iPod touch was on its was.

After 4 days of waiting by the window for the postman I finally got my iPod, made up =-)



Hope this helps everybody ;-)

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