How I fair the Canon EOS 700D Digital SLR Camera

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Canon EOS 700D Digital SLR Camera

Impressed so far with this camera having upgraded from a bridge camera.The touch screen interface is brilliantly thought out and intuitive, within minutes I was changing apertures and shutter speeds with a swipe of a finger. The kit lens is far better quality than the one I received when I originally purchased the 400D and is in fact a very useable product. All my accessories from my old EOS camera fit and work fine with the new body (lenses, flashes etc) but the battery is different so I can't keep my old battery as a spare and the memory card system has changed from the old compact flash system to the more popular SD standard. The camera does not come with an SD card so make sure you order one otherwise you'l have a camera with no way of storing any photographs. I purchased a reasonably priced average 32gb card off amazon for about a tenner and it is fast enough and big enough for my needs.

This body has an "APS" sized sensor as apposed to the "Full Frame" sensor in high priced more "Professional" EOS bodies like the 5D but these bodies are more than triple the price at least. The APS sized sensor actually has some benefits over the "Full Frame" ones if you are considering wildlife photography because all the lenses crop by a factor of x1.4 which means you get closer to the action for less money. Ideal if you are on a tight budget :).

The camera has various shooting modes which range from a fully automatic "pick up and click" mode which requires no thought whatsoever, through a fast "sports" mode with focus tracking and 5 frames per second shooting bursts, "Portrait" mode for warm skin tones. "Landscape" mode for lush vistas... all the way to fully "manual" mode where everything from shutter speed, aperture and ISO light sensitivity are fully controllable... plus various other other modes in between.

I have not really tried the movie recording side of the camera because i've always been of the opinion that if you want to film decent movies then buy a movie camera not a stills camera. I have taken a few clips and the results are crisp and sharp with fairly decent sound from the onboard stereo microphone.

Overall the 700D is a very creative, versatile piece of kit at the top end of Cannon's amateur EOS DSLR range. I would highly recommend this camera to anyone wanting to take photography fairly seriously but can't warrant spending thousands on a professional body
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