How I scammed the scammers.

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I was selling my Triumph 900cc motorbike via the internet. I got a reply from a guy who wanted me to ship the bike to South Africa. I was selling the bike for 6000 euros . He sent me a cheque for 9000 euro to cover transportation. I couldn't beleive it when the cheque turned up with someones passport details as the buyer. I went straight to the bank and I put the cheque into my account. The next day the money showed up in my account. INCREDIBLE!

I asked my bank manager if I could draw on the money he said leave it for 3 more days. The next thing was I had a barrage of emails saying that one of the guys family was ill, one had just died and that they needed the money back. They asked me to send them half back and to keep the rest.

I went to my bank, I got my manager to transfer all the 9000 out of my account to my girlfriends account. The manager obliged. Once the money was in her account we withdrew the money , all of it.

The original cheque bounced 30 days later. There were no funds in my account , I had no other monies, the bank had to stand this losss as the manager assisted me to transfer the money.

I was now getting shitty emails from Africa asked , threatening for there money. Even got nasty phone calls , I just ingnored the lot of them . I took all the paperwork to the police who started to track the scammers.

I kept my bike and the 9000, I do feel a bit guilty for the bank who lost out , but I asked them on at least 5 occasions " is the money cleared yet? is it my money now? " each time the answer was yes.

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