How Many Downlights Do I Need?

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Q. How do I calculate how many downlight kits need to be installed in a room?

A. There are no hard and fast rules, however a good guide is to measure 1m in from the wall on all sides of the room, then calculate how many downlights you would need to purchase for them to be spaced 1.5 to 2 metres apart. This rule applies when using either EXN (400 beam spread) or FNV (600 beam spread) globes, though works best when FNV globes are used.

Q. What rooms can downlights be used in?
A. Their small size and the pleasant crisp light they produce, makes down -lights suitable for use in all rooms of your house. Their bright white light makes them ideal for task lighting in kitchens and living areas. Where a softer light is required, for instance in a bedroom, then a dimmer switch should be used. They can even be installed under the eaves of your house, for bright external lighting (ensure they are installed in a well protected area, and consider using our stainless steel downlight to protect against corrosion).

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