How Much Should You Pay For A Diamond Ring ?

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Purchasing Diamond Jewellery

Purchasing diamond jewellery can be a daunting task. Their are so many choices to be made and the prices vary so much.

Lets take a look at a 0.5 carat diamond solitaire ring that is a usual choice for an engagement or wedding ring.
There are several characteristics that affect the prices of Diamonds. Size is the most obvious one but, not all 0.5 carat diamonds are the same. Dependent on the shape and cut, one 0.5 carat diamond may seem larger than another. This is because carats denote weight and not shape. 0.5 carats equal 100mg in weight. Some diamonds are cut so that they look bigger when viewed in a ring but, closer inspection would reveal that the diamond is lacking in depth. So weight does not denote size.
'Rounded' sizes cost more. 0.5, 1.00 1.5 etc. A customer with an eye for a bargain will more than likely look for a diamond ring of 0.46 carats or 0.48 carats as it will usually be priced at a far cheaper price than a 0.5 carat diamond ring.

Many people simply believe that a bigger diamond costs more. In truth it is the quality of the diamond that adds the price.

The better the cut. Yes even the angles of the diamond affect the price. As the better the cut, the more fire, brilliance and sparkle the stone will have
Clarity, Does it have any inclusions that can be seen under 10X magnification. The more inclusions  (imperfections) the cheaper the diamond. Yet if you view a diamond of even poor quality with no magnification you will probably not be able to see any inclusions. The higher the quality grade the less inclusions.
Colourless or near colourless diamonds will appear clearer and brighter yet if you are purchasing a single stone ring, no one will notice if the colour is not perfect.
The metal of the ring can also have a huge impact on the price. Platinum rings are very expensive yet a little known newcomer Palladium is around two thirds of the price and it has the same look and durability of platinum. You could easily save several hundreds of pounds on an expensive first class ring. You can even save more by choosing an 18 carat white or yellow gold ring and an even bigger saving can be made if you opt for 9 carat white or yellow gold.

A first class 0.5 carat diamond ring could easily set you back £10,000 plus in the wrong shop, whereas at the other end of the scale you may well be able to purchase a 0.5 carat diamond ring for as little as £400.00 and it would still have a lot of sparkle and look perfect on a finger.

So you need to decide, what exactly are you purchasing the ring for. Do you really need the, 'The Perfect Diamond' ring.

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