How Not To Get Scammed Or Buy From 'Hijacked' Accounts

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We've all seen it auctions that seem to good to be true. PSP's under £100 Xbox 360's Under £200 20+ Nokia 8800 going cheaply etc...

Well the tell tell signs of a scam used to be money transfers never ever buy something which uses bank transfers i.e. western union along with the user having low or 'fake' feedback.
By 'fake' I mean the seller may have a feedback score of 50+ although when you actually check the items from which the feedback was gained they turn out to be 1p buy it now listings which are just bought purely for feedback.

eBay have recently banned western union and other money transfers but some people may still be using them so if you see it report it and don't bid on or buy the item!

Check the sellers feedback score don't just look at the number look at the items he/she has previously sold if the seller has sold 100 1p items and now wants to sell a Xbox 360 for £200 it most certainly is a scam. Some sellers spend along time getting high feedback scores through buying/selling 1p items just so they can pull of a couple of scams at the end of it so look out for this!

Always read the full listing it may look like your buying a I-Pod and it could turn out to be a wholesale list of where you can buy I-Pods don't just look at the picture within the listing actually read the FULL listing as well.

When concerning 'hijacked' accounts these are accounts which have a good feedback score usually in the 100s or rarely in the 1000s and could even be power sellers. someone has stolen the sellers account details and is now trying to make quick money on his/her good reputation. Such accounts can usually be found selling 20 x Nokia 8800 30 x Sony Eric w800i etc... these auctions will be on homepage as one day auctions with the seller requesting you emailing the seller to complete the deal outside of eBay read the sellers recent feedback and what he/she has sold to gain the feedback a change from selling cloths to 20/30phones at a time will almost certainly be a scam.

In end if a auction looks to good to be true is most probably is make sure you read the sellers feedback and check which items he/she has sold before along with read the auction description fully and never pay using bank transfers.

The safest payment method which I recommend to use is PayPal if you have bought something using PayPal and the seller has scammed you i.e. is not intending to send you the goods report it to PayPal you are covered for up to £500 and they will get your money back for you.

I hope this helps and makes us one step closer to sniffing out the scammers from the genuine sellers.

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