How Not to Get Scammed by Ebay

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If you are a seller, I have some advice for you.

First of all, do not leave a good feedback to the buyer immediately; wait a few weeks, then do, otherwise, you will leave a good feedback to someone who will totally screw you later and you will be powerless to not only do anything about it, but even to amend the feedback that you left. Thus, dishonest buyer not only screws you, but also gets good feedback, thus, increasing his/her ratings.

Second, if you are selling anything more valuable, something that you need a recorded delivery for, don't sell on eBay in the first place, as if the buyer changes their mind due to no fault of yours, you will end up paying not only yours, but the buyer's delivery charges too, as eBay has a highly unfair buyer's protection scheme. The money will be collected from your account you want it or not, without you even having a chance to defend yourself. Basically, eBay does  nothing to protect the seller from dodgy buyers and you may end up not only having spent lots of money on postage, but your whole transaction may become unprofitable.  Also, the buyer can return a damaged product, which you can't even sell anymore. 

Stay safe and don't fall for eBay's scams. Don't forget that you aren't even given a chance to defend yourself as a seller, they can't be bothered to check any details, so think twice before you sell anything! 
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