How Rare is Rare? Take That, Tote Investors, Lal Kitab

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Yes, we often get the word 'rare' in Ebay lists. But what are the most popular rare items. Well, this week Google shows the top ten links for 'rare' and 'books' as:

1. Take That, The Official Annual 1995

2. La Voyage, Louis Vitton 

3. Lal Kitab: The Rare Book on Astrology

4. Larry Becker's Flashback

5. 1808 History of Phillip III of Spain

6.  O Ano de Ouro by Dragao

7. British Independent Airlines Since 1946

8. Tote Investors Racing Annual 1934

9. Ethnic Tokyo (Japanese Architecture)

10. Schoolboy Honour (Tom Brown Series) 

It should be noted that two of these books are annuals which would may mean that other versions of the same book are available (particularly the Take That book).  And  Here they are again in order of number of copies of Abebooks (uk). 

See if you can guess the rarest item.

1. Larry Becker's Flashback/O Ano de Ouro (0 results)

Larry Becker is a popular powerseller on Ebay, this is probably a POD. O Ano de Ouro is obviously a foreign book which is usually not available in Britain. 

3.  Tote Investors Annual (1 result)

Others available but not this year.

4. Ethnic Tokyo (Japanese Architecture) (2 results)

Foreign book again?

5. La Voyage. (3 results). Popular because of its link to Louis Vitton.

6. Schoolboy Honor (Tom Brown series) (4 results) Popular series, rare book.

7. British Independent Airlines Since 1946 (6 results)

8. Lal Kitab: A Rare Book on Astrology (12 results)

9.  Take That: The Official Annual 1995 (52 results) Possibly there are many more in the world, they're just not for sale at the moment.

10: 1808 History of Phillip III of Spain (697 results). Possibly not all that rare, but a way to target an old book.

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