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Hi there

Just thought I would put pen to paper as so many of you contact me regarding how to spot a fake Fred..

As my customers already know I only sell the real deal... it is sooo easy to spot a fake - however sometimes the £4.99 price tag wins over in the battle of heart v head!

Fred used to be made in England & Portugal - however things have changed and I have seen geniune items that have been produced in all four corners of the world!

So, here are a few little tips:

The buttons on a genuine Fred should ALWAYS match the colour of the polo...

Look were the laurel is - it should be over the heart and not too big / too small...

Ask the seller for the style ref number off the bottom label...

Call Fred Perry & ask do they sell Magenta with Gold & Emerald twin tippings - I think not!

Does it look geniune - 85% of these fake items on Ebay look cheap and nasty... wonky laurels, so thin they are see through, twin tippings all over the collar...

Fred Perry do not put Green Tags in their polos...

Fred Perry buttons are embossed with the words "Fred Perry"... strange, eh?!

Contact other buyers & ask if they were happy with their purchase... ask the seller if it is genuine item... ask for additional photos... inside labels, buttons... if they have nothing to hide this should not be a problem...

If your Fred Perry polo is BNWT and you are paying less than £25 I would be asking all of the above questions...

Well, I hope this has been of some use - I have been selling and wearing Fred for what seems like forever ... don't bother with fakes - everyone will know!

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Me again folks... had a few people contacting me re vintage 1970's Fred Perry Polo Labels - Fred Perry did use Green Lables on their pre-90's items. My guide is relevant to modern day BNWT Fred Perry items... still ask the questions if you are not sure... and thanks for all your positive comments..

Hope this helps some..


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