How To Application Unlock An Orange SPV C500 and C550

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To Application Unlock:

(1)Write an email to developers @ orange . co. uk (There are no spaces in this email address)

(2)Request  Application Unloking File (Simply use a usual reqest phrase)
(3)Provide them your: Name, Email Address, Phone's IMEI number
(4)You should get reply in 5mins - 48hrs.

Once you have received your phone's Application Unloking file you need to rename it. [Right click] on it and choose [Rename]. Just add [.exe] dot exe at the end of present file name. Copy this file into your phone's memory and run it from your smartphone. Follow the instaruction on screen and you'll be soon get you phone application unlocked.

The application unlocking file is IMEI specified which mean it will only work for smartphone it was obtained for.

WARNING: Application unlocking may invalid your phone's warranty. But it's true that you can't enjoy your smartphone's peak features without unloking it.


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