How To Avoid Fake Nike's On eBay

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Real Jordan 4 Oreo's
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Real Jordan 4 Oreo's

Buying guide

1. FEEDBACK - Avoid sellers with low feedback. It's not worth the risk.
Check how long the seller has been registered with ebay (This can be checked  on the feedback profile)

2. PICTURES - Are the pictures of the actual sneakers or are they stock pictures from google?  Avoid sellers using stock pictures as its always better to see the actual shoe you will be getting. A good seller will always take pictures in a well lit room from multiple angles so you can see the condition of the shoe from multiple angles.

3. DESCRIPTION - A decent description should give you the full name of the shoe, Shoe size, Colour and ID code. A great way to tell a genuine shoe from a fake one is to google the ID code.  The ID code on Nikes are 9 digits long and represent the shoe style and colour code. for example the ID code for a pair of Nike Air Max 1 Ultra Essentials is  819476 (style code) 106 (colour code)
Many fakes will use the same ID code across the  whole range no matter what colour they will all have the same code.

As can be seen in the image, the 9 digit ID code and the UPC will be matching on the tongue and the box.

Ask the seller for the ID code and google it. If the shoes come up in google images and match the sellers pictures, this is a great pointer that the shoes are real. 

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