How To Become Your Own Deluxe Retail Brand.

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Take a luxurious moment and paws for reflection.
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Take a luxurious moment and paws for reflection.

As a Supervisor, a Sales Manager, a Department Manager and a Buyer at Harrods in Knightsbridge in another lifetime,  I had the incredible experience of working in countless different departments over five different floors above ground; plus many more departments below ground.

I worked not only IN Harrods, but underneath Harrods, underneath Knightsbridge itself.

Lots of departments are invisible to the general public such as logistics, management queries, the furniture depot, the directors office, stock rooms, warehousing, staff clinics, canteens, security and myriad more.

Across these years, gathering this experience; I learned everything there is to know about the top end of retail and; most importantly of all first class customer service

The customer is truly King (or Queen). Without customers, you have no business and if you do not get this, you have no business being in business.

I also learned about selling luxury items and the considerable profit margins available.  I built up an amazing network of clients, suppliers and business partners across the globe.

With the advent of the Internet and online shopping, sites such as eBay, Amazon, Etsy etc.; luxury shopping is clearly no longer restricted to physical location and ruled by bricks and mortar. Nor is it any longer ruled by price.

With the ease and popularity of buying online, I am able to put to good use skills, experience and contacts that I have nurtured over the years; learned in the best retail training ground in the world. Bar none.

It is this background, this hard earned expertise, that allows me to source, negotiate and deliver top of the range products and service to my customers wherever they live.

Utilising ecommerce platforms enables me to deliver at a price my customers want to pay. No heavy overheads, no staff to pay, no gross profit margins to adhere to. 

Sites like eBay offer transparency, self regulation via feedback and ratings, price comparisons, fast & free shipping - finally there are no longer barriers to becoming your own retail label – and a deluxe one at that – if you wish.

So how do you become your own deluxe retail brand?

1. Follow the trends or even better, create your own. Why be a follower when you can lead from the front? Trust your instinct and listen to your heart. Use your imagination.

2. Try and stay ahead of the online community selling crowd. It will take time to build your own unique product list and then you can eliminate your competition one by one.  You do know Rome wasn't built in a day right?  And Mark Zuckerberg didn't become a billionaire overnight. You have to be committed. You have to be patient. You have to focus. You have to picture the end goal.

3. Now you can forget about location, location, location. YOUR buzz phrase is: research, research, research.  This is the only way you are going to discover the right products, exclusive products from reputable suppliers.

4. Your next buzz phrase is: negotiate, negotiate, negotiate.  Don't be afraid to haggle. What's that famous saying again? If you don't ask, you.......................or like an outsider at the Grand National, you've fallen at the first hurdle.!

5. Negotiate a respectable price that's good for you AND good for your supplier. Remember your supplier has to make a profit too and if you drive down the price too low, how is that going to affect the quality, delivery and overall service? 

6. Learn from the best. Watch your competition. How does that first buzz phrase go again?  Research, research,.........YOU can never do enough research.!

7. Enhance your own personal brand through the provision of first class customer service and responsive communication. Responsive is another word for action.  Act and/or reply immediately; OR as soon as you can; to communication from your customer. This is what is called - added value.  This is how you will create customers, drive additional sales, actualise repeat business and INSTEAD of eBay competitors you can keep your competition at bay.!

6. Your final buzz phrase: passion, passion, passion. Let passion for what you want energise you. Let it flow through you. Let it pump, pulse and propagate through the heart of everything you do; and 100% through everything you sell.

7. and finally; " Dream it.  Feel it.  Get it."

Ain't no moutain high enough.!
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Ain't no moutain high enough.!
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Ain't no moutain high enough.!
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