How To Build Your Dream Garden

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Ben Zen, Landscape Architect, London | facebook[dot]com/tuzenuk

Lot of people ask me what they need to do in order to own an amazing garden, and always my answer to them is simple: Make up your mind!
There are few steps that you need to follow:
1. Draw a sketch of how you'd like your garden to be. Make it simple and efficient.
2. Search for a GOOD Landscape Architect. It might sound useless for you, but it's not. A Landscape Architect knows how to design comfortable and functional spaces.
3. Walk with him around your area and other places to see what would be the best thing for you and to compare your idea with the other awesome gardens that you find, and choose some elements that you'd like to have in yours.
4. Allow him 2-5 weeks to design something suitable for your needs. You will need to pay some money upfront, but no more than 30-40% of the estimated valued of the project. Would be best to check with him at least 2-3 times the stages of the project. If you want major changes of design, let him know as soon as possible.
5. Trust in him! Even tho' his design might me too sci-fi, he's creating a masterpiece that represents you.
6. Once the project is finished, pay the rest of the money and let him hire the right team to build it. This part is the most expensive because you'll have to pay for the elements of design, plants, laborers, and so on. Keep in mind that it will take a bit of financial effort to make your dream come true.
7. Now that everything is at it's place, you can enjoy as you want this Green-Heaven that only existed in your dreams.

Thank you for reading this 7 steps.

Kind regards,
Ben Zen
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