How To Buy A Fishing Reel

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How To Buy A Fishing Reel

Fishing is one of the most popular participation sports in the world, and is enjoyed by people for leisure, sport and food fishing on a regular basis. The relaxation aspect of fishing is not to be overlooked, and there is much to be said for taking time out from the daily stresses of life at the riverbank or on a boat. At eBay there are always many items for offer in the fishing section, and all at sensible prices, and with a wide range of top brand names for sale there is the guarantee of quality. As with all sports it pays to have the best quality equipment available, and the essentials – rods, reels and lines – are always available. Whether coarse fishing or fly fishing, serious consideration should be give to the reel, which should account for a good chunk of any budget.

The reel is the part of the kit that does the most work; it is used to spool out the line and to wind it back in – hopefully with a decent catch on the end of the line. There are many different types of fishing reels, and each has its own specific purpose. When it comes to choosing a reel there are certain things to consider, including the type of reel, the sort of fishing involved, and the power of the reel. There is also the budget to consider.

The Different Types Of Fishing Reel

Fishing reels have evolved over the years; in fact, antique reels by famous names such as Hardy are much sought after, and fishing equipment from years gone by can make a great deal at auction. Back to the present, however, and it is important to understand the differences between the main types of reel. The following are the main types of fishing reels:

Looking at each one individually it is easy to see what they are for, and what they offer.

Fixed Spool Reels: these are the most popular type of fishing reels, and the ones recommended for beginners. Put simply, the spool – on which the line is sound – is set in a fixed position. They are very versatile and, while considered the most basic of all reels, are widely used by anglers of all types of experience. They are also affordable, and come with changeable spools for different line weights, and they are an easy maintenance option. They are also reliable, and the locking switch means they add great versatility to the angler’s armoury.

Free Spool Reels: also very popular, they differ from fixed spool reels in only one major way – they have an added drag system that can be amended by the angler if needed. This is excellent for when different tensions on the line are needed, and this can happen with bigger catches. This allows for the line to be extended at will, rather than the rod being dragged off by the big fish. Larger and often heavier than the fixed spool option, they are favoured by anglers who are tackling bigger game.

Big Pit Reels: These are fixed spool reels that are designed for tackling bigger fish and longer casts; they are very large in size, robust and heavy, and are fitted with very large spools that can hold a lot of line. They are used by anglers fishing for carp, catfish and pike, and more aggressive, bigger fish that need added strength. These are quite specialist items, and not for the beginner.

Centrepin Reels: this is actually the original type of fishing reel and, while now considered rather out of date, they are still very popular in many circumstances. They are very useful in flowing rivers as the design allows for a spinning spool that will send out the line at the speed of the flow. They often come with drag systems and, while many anglers opt to go elsewhere, they are quality, intricate reels that offer many advantages. They are among the more expensive of reels, and these days are quite specialist items.

Closed Face Reels: a very specialist type of reel, these are not common and offer a lightweight alternative to the above. Not for the novice, and only really used in very specific circumstances.

Multiplier Reels: compact, light and requiring a special rod, these are used by fisherman at sea thanks to their versatility and agility. Not for the beginner, and very specialised indeed.

The above are the main types of fishing reel, and it is clear that the first two are the most popular, especially with beginners. However, even the experts use the most basic reels, and there are bound to be examples in every angler’s kit. There are some further aspects of fishing reels that need to be considered, including:

Drag Systems: these are found on almost all fishing reels, of all types, and are there to make things easier for the angler. A drag system is designed to adjust the movement and speed of the spool by inducing tension; this enables the angler to control the speed at which the line is brought in or let out. The system can be adjusted from the front in some cases, and from the rear in others. There are many different types of drag systems, but all of them perform the same operation. They are essential to an operational reel.

Bearings: the bearings are what allows the reel to spin, and at what level of smoothness. The more bearings, the better the quality, and the higher the price. The difference between a basic reel with three bearings, and a quality one with 12, is absolutely amazing.

Retrieve Ratio: this is all about the speed of the reel; the standard ration of 5.2:1 one means that, for every turn of the handle, the rotor will spin around the spool 5.2 times. There are various ratios available, and the individual angler – and the type of fishing involved – will determine which is favoured, and when.

Handles: all spools come with handles and it is the choice of the individual as to which they feel comfortable with. It pays to try out a reel before buying – if at all possible – and see if the handle is the right size for the hand. Finding a reel that fits comfortably makes life a great deal easier for the angler.

Reels are not complex items but they do range from the standard to the advanced; the more complex the reel, the more experienced the angler needs to be to handle it. In truth, the best advice to keep it simple, and there are many fixed spool reels for sale at eBay at any one time.

How to Buy Fishing Reels on eBay

There are many different brands, types and styles of fishing reel to be found on eBay, and all at a range of affordable prices. Reels, as has been shown, come in a wide variety of types and with different characteristics, and it is important to know what to look for. EBay is home to many different items of fishing gear, and there is an extensive range of fishing gear, videos and fishing accessories of all types, and with many vendors offering free delivery and affordable prices, many a bargain to be had.  Using eBay is extremely easy; simply decide upon the type of freshwater fishing reel needed and go to and choose the Fishing section under the Sporting Goods header. Next select Reels category, and have a look at what is on offer. The choice of fishing equipment is comprehensive, and narrow the search down by entering a brand name or model number into the search box, or by selecting sizes and other details on the drop down menu to the left. If any further advice is needed on buying freshwater fishing reels on eBay, visit the Search Tips page, and look in the eBay Stores section for more choice on fishing reels at eBay.


The joys of fishing are well documented and many a book has been written about the subject; there is something extremely satisfying about landing that big catch, and there is a sense of anticipation at waiting for a bite. Relaxation, enjoyment and excitement are all part of the fishing experience. Using the right equipment, as in any sport, is the key to getting things right, and fishing reels are – along with the rod – the most important part of an angler’s kit. Reels vary in price, as can be seen at eBay, and in intention, and there are many different levels of quality to consider. Whatever the budget available there will be fishing reels fit for the purpose, and even the most basic form of reel – the fixed spool – is an impressive and versatile item of equipment. For the best in fishing reels, and in all areas of fishing kit, eBay offers a comprehensive selection and at excellent prices.

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