How To Buy A Programmed Cash Register From ShopStuff On Ebay

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Shopstuff are a proper cash register dealer with employed staff enabling us to offer support and programming services on the cash registers we sell through our Ebay store.  Having your cash register programmed is well worth considering as it will save you valuable hours trawling through the manufacturers manual and online support forums.  When you order a programmed cash register our technicians obviously need to know what details to program onto your cash register before we can send your cash register out to you.
To make sure your order for a programmed cash register is as hassle free as possible please follow the steps below -

Step 1: Understanding Your Cash Register Programming Form

Please read the cash register listing and programming form in  full prior to placing your order so you fully understand what we are offering. A link to your cash register set up sheet will be clearly displayed in the programmed cash register listing. Please contact us through Ebay messages or call us directly prior to placing your order should you have any doubts.  

Step 2: Filling In & Sending Us Your Programming Form

Once you have read and understood the cash register Programming Form please complete the form paying particular attention to the following -
- Your Ebay name (please include this so we know which till to program)
- The Receipt Header, this is what you want to appear at the top of your cash register receipt. Usually this is your shop name, address details, phone number and /or vat number. 
- Department or Product Categories, the descriptions you choose for your Department or Product Categories are what you want to appear on the screen, receipt and reports when that department button is used.
So for example a chemists may have Department 1 programmed as Prescription, a convenience store may have Department 2 programmed as Groceries. These departments can be named however you want them.   

Once you have completed your Programming From press Submit Email  and an email will be created which you need to send us.

Step 3: Placing Your Order

Once you have sent your Programming Form you can place your order through our Ebay store in the normal fashion.  Once we have your order and cleared payment along with your completed Programming Form the cash register will be programmed and sent out to you with in our normal delivery time frames (3-5 working days on programmed cash registers).  

Still unsure? Please contact us....

We understand that ordering a cash register is a big part of opening any business. We want to make sure that not only do you order the correct cash register for your business, but also that if we are programming your cash register we understand what programming you require. 
If you are unsure about which cash register best suits your requirements or what you should have programmed onto the cash register please contact us through Ebay messages or on our customer service phone number before placing your order with us. 
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