How To Buy Bike Parts on eBay

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How To Buy Bike Parts on eBay
Whether you’ve just bought a bike or you need to repair an older model, eBay is the ideal resource for bike parts. Hundreds of eBay sellers offer bike parts for great prices, making bicycle maintenance convenient and affordable.

Bike parts are listed in the “Bike Parts” eBay category within the main “Cycling” category. When choosing bike parts, there are two key things to note:

  • The type of bicycle you have: mountain, folding, racing etc.
  • The length, diameter or size of the parts you need in order to service your bike.

If you have any questions, your eBay seller should be able to advise you on the best purchase for your needs.

Brake Components on eBay

eBay sellers list brake components for disc and rim brake systems. You’ll find replacement discs, brake shoes, brake cables, pads, calipers and entire disc brake sets on eBay.

Brake Cables

If your brake cables are wearing thin, you should replace them straight away to avoid failure of your bicycle brakes. Choose the correct type of cable for your bike, and check whether you need upper cables, lower cables or both. Road bikes and mountain bikes need different cable fittings; in short, the type of handlebars you have fitted often determines the type of cable you need. Some eBay sellers allow you to choose the colour of your brake cables, and some auctions include gear cables too. Don’t forget to check the seller’s other auctions if you need wire cutters to fit your new cables.

Brake Discs and Discbrake sets

If your bicycle has a disc braking system, you must replace the discs if they are becoming worn. Discs come in different sizes. Large disc brakes are better for intensive use as they retain less heat. However, some frames cannot accommodate large discs. If you are not sure which discs to buy, ask your eBay seller for advice, or choose a seller that offers free returns.

Brake Levers

The brake lever is mounted on the handlebars and controls the brake. Replacing your brake levers can offer better braking power and a more comfortable grip. Road bikes require different brake levers than mountain bikes because the handlebars are a different shape.

Brake Shoes

Brake shoes, sometimes called brake blocks or brake pads, are the rubber pads which press against the wheel to slow the bike. They need to be replaced when they are worn. Brake shoes often have a marker to indicate when it’s time for a replacement; they also need to replace if they have corroded. When buying on eBay, buy a set of four brake shoes from your seller and replace all of them at the same time.

Disc Calipers

Calipers align your disc brakes correctly and prevent the brakes from rubbing against your bicycle wheel. Check the eBay listing to ensure your new calipers are the correct size for your rotor.

Rimbrake Sets

If you need to replace your rimbrakes or v-brakes, look for an eBay seller offering a complete rimbrake set. The set will include everything you need, including brakes, levers, fixing bolts and cables.

Gears, Groupsets and Drives on eBay

Keeping your gears in good condition is essential to ensure smooth, safe cycling. eBay sellers offer individual bike parts or complete sets for convenient, affordable bicycle servicing tasks.

Gear Cassettes

Cassettes form part of your bicycle’s gear system. Over time, cassettes become worn. Fitting a new cassette will ensure your gears do not slip.

Chainrings and Cranksets

The chainring is part of your bicycle crankset. A worn chainring could cause your bicycle chain to slip. When buying a new chainring or a replacement crankset, ensure you obtain the correct size for your bike. Don’t forget to buy chainring bolts if your existing bolts have worn down.

Derailleurs and Mechs

The derailleur, also simply called a ‘mech’, is the mechanism that pushes the chain onto different cogs as you change gear, literally ‘derailling’ it. Derailleurs for front and back wheels are different. Ask your eBay seller for clarification if you are not sure which one is which.

Gear Cables

Gear cables come in different lengths and can be purchased in kits with a housing and ferrules. Purchasing a wire cutter on eBay is a good idea; this will help you to trim your gear cables after fitting them.

Frames, Handlebars and Accessories on eBay

Replacing the handlebars on your bicycle can give you a more comfortable ride. Some cyclists choose to replace their entire bicycle frame or build a new bike from scratch. There are hundreds of frames to choose from on eBay in new and used condition, and you can also find accessories and finishing touches.

Frames and Forks

Sellers on eBay list bicycle frames and forks made from aluminium, carbon fibre and steel. Prices vary greatly depending on the age of the frame or fork, the material it’s made from and the design. Look for a local seller, or a seller that offers free postage, to make your frame or forks more affordable.

Handlebars, Seatposts and Stems

These bike parts are available in the same materials as frames and forks. Read the auction description and check the length, shape and diameter of the stem carefully to ensure it will fit your bike.


Bicycle grips slip over the ends of the handlebars to ensure you have proper control over your bike. If your existing grips have cracked or split, it’s time to buy a replacement set of grips on eBay.


Replacing your saddle can offer extra comfort and a better riding position. Saddles come in different widths and types: choose from racing saddles, comfort saddles and other types, depending on your style of cycling and the distances you cover. Wider saddles are more comfortable but are more difficult to use for racing because they create more friction. Some saddles are specifically made for men or women, but you can also purchase unisex saddles on eBay. A saddle with a soft gel insert and a silicone cover offers more comfort initially but may become uncomfortable on a longer journey.


On eBay, you can purchase individual bike lights for the front or back of your bike, or an entire set. Modern LED lights use very little battery power and offer better visibility and longevity than old-fashioned bike lights.


As you progress as a cyclist you may wish to replace your standard pedals with a more advanced type. In the Bike Parts category on eBay, you’ll find both standard pedals and clickpedals. Clickpedals are sometimes called clipless pedals, and they allow the rider to anchor their shoe to the pedal while it is in use. This makes riding more efficient. Clickpedals automatically release the foot when it is lifted away from the pedal, making them safe to use, even for intermediate cyclists.

Prop Stands

Prop stands, or kickstands, are usually fitted to vintage bicycles and folding bikes, but eBay sellers also offer prop stands for mountain bikes. Twin leg prop stands are ideal for those who wish to stand their bike vertically, such as people who cycle with a saddlebag.

Tyres, Wheels and Suspension Parts on eBay

Bicycle tyres and wheels should be inspected regularly for damage, as any faults can be hazardous to the rider. Some cyclists choose to replace their wheels to customise their bicycle or improve performance on their chosen terrain. eBay sellers also offer a range of suspension parts to ensure cyclists benefit from the best possible shock absorption.


Wheel hubs and tyres are readily available on eBay in various sizes and configurations. Tyres vary greatly, from slick tyres with no grip for road cycling to heavy, textured tyres for mountain bikes. You may also choose tubed or tubeless tyres depending on the terrain you tend to cover. If you want to replace your bicycle wheels, consider the need to replace the brakes and purchase spokes. Check your eBay seller’s other listings; combining your purchases will make your project more affordable.


Wheels can be purchased complete, but rims, spokes and brakes can also be purchased separately on eBay if you need to replace a specific bike part. Filter your search results to find wheels for the correct bike type. Wheels are also available in different colours if you wish to customise your bike.

Suspension and Shock Absorption

If your suspension needs work, you can pick up bushes, air valves, float fluid, locking nuts or complete spring or air shock units on eBay. Bear in mind that you will need different shock units for front and back suspension, and spring shock absorbers come in different materials such as steel and titanium. Use eBay’s filters to narrow down your results by material, bike type, brand and condition.

How To Buy Bike Parts on eBay

Whatever your servicing task, bike parts are abundant on eBay. Choosing the right seller will help you to make your money go further.

  • Make use of eBay’s comprehensive categories and filtering tools to make the buying process speedy and convenient.
  • Combined purchases are a great way to save on shipping costs. If you are buying several small bike parts, ask your eBay seller if they are willing to combine postage. Be sure to check this before you bid.
  • Many eBay sellers offer free postage on bike parts. This is particularly beneficial if you are buying large, awkward items such as bike frames, and it will make your investment more affordable.
  • For large items, consider filtering your search results on eBay and looking for a seller that offers local pick-up.
  • Ensure your eBay seller offers free returns if you are new to bike servicing. All business sellers on eBay accept returns within seven days. Private sellers may accept returns at their own discretion.
  • When buying branded bike parts, look for authorised sellers. Manufacturers have approved these sellers, so you can be completely confident in your purchase.


Bicycle maintenance is an ongoing concern for any cyclist. Buying bike parts on eBay will help you to maintain a good stock of the components you need, while benefitting from free postage, local pick-up and bulk discounts. With a little time and effort, you will soon be proficient at servicing and upgrading your bike yourself.

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