How To Buy Bubble Bags,Brown Parcel Tape,Markers etc.

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If you are a seller who uses Bubble Bags for mailing,I would suggest using the local POUNDSHOPS,as they have Packs of Bubble Bags such as CD size at 8 for just £1.00 the packet.12.5p each reduces your outlay by a great deal,as some Stores are very expensive for their Bubble Bags.You can also get 8 DVD size Bubble Bags for for that use or any other Items of that size or smaller.They even have them bigger also?.It can save you a lot of money with Brown Parcel Tape too,as they are £1.00 for a big ro9ll,and of a reasonable quality too.It pays to shop aropund for materials,as the Post Office raised the costs a short time back,and instead of putting Postage Prices up,shop for a better deal for all of your packaging requirements.You can get Pens,markers and Fragile stickers,+ other Items too many to mention for a fraction of the costs elsewhere,and if your not near a Pound Shop?,make a point of finding the nearest one to you by going to the Poundland web page for a wee look?.If it's too far away from you,ask any friend who's going that way?,and ask them to get them for you?.I save hundreds of pounds a year with these Stores,and it's passed on to my customers who pay for the Postage.Makes sense doesn't it?.

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