How To Buy The Correct Size Of Designer Sunglasses

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Welcome to a quick guide on how to purchase the correct size of designer sunglasses or optical frames online. I will give a quick example of rayban 3025 Aviator sunglasses.

58 - 14 - 135 <<<<<< You will usually see numbers like this on a listing eithier on ebay or a sunglasses store online and various companys do not describe what these mean.

Is it a colour code? NO

Its the size of the sunglasses you are planning to purchases. And this is what the numbers mean!

1st number 58mm this is the lens size, The lens Width

2nd number 14mm this is the bridge size, The bridge Width

3rd number 135mm this is the Arm size, The arm Length

So the summary

Lens width 58mm

Bridge width 14mm

Arm length 135mm

Hope this helps






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