How To Buy Used Wall Hangings

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How To Buy Used Wall Hangings

Wall hangings can be found in a wide variety of different styles and materials, all of which are suitable for a particular effect in the home. Whether a wall hanging is being sought for aesthetic reasons, or simply to add some warmth and insulation to a particularly chilly room, there will be suitable used items to be found on eBay.

Identifying the Desired Effect

The first task when buying used wall hangings to improve home decor is to identify the exact effect desired. In particular, the overall mood of the rooms which are being decorated must be considered. A minimalist effect will best be achieved by a few wall hangings, usually in stark colours and carefully positioned. In contrast, a welcoming, homely effect is best achieved through wall hangings, which are manufactured using traditional methods and which incorporate warm colours. Any purchase should also take into consideration the individual interests of the person for whose home the wall hanging is intended. Few people are looking for decoration which is identical to that of their neighbour. Rather, wall hangings and other finishing touches in the home should express the interests and personality of the occupier. This can be achieved in many ways, from tapestries which address a particular theme, to pieces of wall sculpture which tell a story as the eye of a visitor scans the room.

Considering Interior Design

Once the desired effect has been chosen, basic principles of interior design will need to be considered in order to find the best wall hangings available. The first step is to survey the room in which the wall hangings are to be placed. Note the exact shade of the existing wall, as well as the colours of the carpet, and any major fittings such as furniture or electronic equipment. When choosing wall hangings, it is vital to ensure that colour coordination is undertaken, and that any new purchases do not clash with the existing design. It is also important to have a planned location and purpose for each purchase. Many people buy any decoration which catches their eye, without any plan for how it might fit into their home, or how symmetry with other wall hangings might be achieved. The best interior design effect comes about when wall hangings complement each other, both in design and in position throughout the room. The effect to aim for when purchasing wall hangings is that each piece should match and complement the others, both in relation to their position in the room and their overall theme.

Ensuring Sufficient Space

In order to achieve such design symmetry, any room in which used wall hangings are to be hung will need to be accurately measured. The areas in which wall hangings might be placed should be identified, along with their dimensions. It is often prudent to test out how a hanging might look in a certain position by placing a similar item in the same space and assessing how its sightlines work when the room is entered and used. In particular, it is best practice to aim for the 'golden rectangle' of proportions when identifying spaces to place wall hangings. This is typically a space in which the length is 1.6 times greater than height, or vice versa. Such proportions are naturally pleasing to the eye and automatically make a hanging look professionally placed. When ensuring sufficient space, it is also important to ensure that any wall hanging which is purchased and placed will not block essential features. A common error is to buy a wall hanging in the belief that it will fit perfectly into a particular room, only to discover that a vital wall socket or light switch is now difficult or impossible to access. Bearing this in mind, it might be prudent to make a plan of the room to be decorated, remembering to include the location of any sockets and electrical appliances. It also pays off to take photos of all of the room's walls so that there is a visual reminder, too.

Considering Different Materials

Once the desired effect and the potential spaces for a used wall hanging have been identified, it is time to make a series of choices between the various materials and types of hanging which are available. Whilst sellers on eBay regularly put up all kinds of wall hangings for auction, the most common tend to be tapestries, quilts, and metal or wood sculpted features. Tapestries tend to be embroidered to tell a particular story or portray a particular theme, whilst quilts are usually made up of a patchwork of different kinds of fabric in order to form a more abstract pattern. Both can come in washable and non-washable variants, and this should be checked before any purchase is completed. This is particularly important if the ink used in any printing on the tapestry or quilt has the potential to run, or if expensive specialised washing services will be required to keep the hanging clean. It is also important to know the weight of a hanging before purchase, and this is particularly vital when considering sculpted hangings fashioned from metal and wood. Depending on the weight of the wall hanging, different types of equipment will need to be available in order to effectively mount any purchase on the wall. The lighter types of tapestry and quilt can be fixed in place with pins or velcro strips, whilst heavy metal sculptures will require a number of fixtures to be screwed into the wall itself.

Buying Used Goods

When buying used goods, it is always worth being sure that the item conforms to its initial description. Fortunately, this is easy to do with a few simple precautions. Firstly, it is advisable to ensure that a photograph of the item has been seen before a purchase is completed. This will enable a thorough examination not only of the colour and quality of the item, but also a check for any unsightly stains or fading as a result of previous use. Secondly, the feedback system on eBay is a useful signal as to the reliability and professionalism of the seller, which should not be overlooked. Thirdly, eBay allows purchasers to ask questions of sellers before a transaction is completed, which can lead to much more information about the item being revealed before a decision is made.

How to Find Used Wall Hangings on eBay

Finding a wide range of used wall hangings on eBay couldn't be simpler. From the home page of the website, there are a number of different ways to find the ideal purchase. The first is to click through to the Home & Garden menu on the left hand side of the home page, and then to visit the Home Decor category via the Furniture & Living menu. From there, it is possible to click through to the specific listings for Wall Hangings, and to check the box under condition which reads used. Alternatively, the search box at the top of the homepage can be used to type in specific key phrases which will generate listings of the products which best match the search terms. For example, anyone particularly interested in tapestry-style wall hangings of an Indian design could simply type 'Indian tapestry wall hanging' to be taken immediately to a listing of suitable purchases.


Before purchasing a used wall hanging on eBay, it is vital to have considered the precise effect that is being sought. The interior design potential of various hangings should be analysed, along with the space which is realistically available for any new purchase to be properly mounted. Only once this has been ascertained should a choice of materials and design be made, which should fit in with the interests and aims of the person making the purchase. Once a few simple precautions have been followed to ensure the quality of the used wall hanging, a suitable purchase can be made, safe in the knowledge that all of the appropriate factors have already been considered.

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