How To Care For Vinyl

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About Vinyl

Ever bought a sofa that is sold as 100% leather? Think again. This goes for car seats to. Generally most manufactures use real leather for the parts you sit on or touch such as the base cushions & arms, but when it comes to the sides and the back you will generally find this is vinyl. The same process is usually applied to car seats, where the lower sections, sides and the back are vinyl. Also other items such as the door panels may be vinyl. Obviously leather is very expensive and as vinyl is such a close match it makes sense to cover the bits you don't touch in something that looks the same but is more cost effective. Vinyl comes in many different forms though, does look good and even doesn't fade as much as leather so it does have its advantages. Because it is designed in the same way as protected leather it can be cared for in much the same way and is easy to maintain.

Vinyl is easy to clean but you should avoid getting it to dry, and cleaning can dry it up, so conditioning it afterwards is a good idea.

How to Care for Vinyl

Vinyl is very similar to Faux leather. It is easy to clean with its protective surface but if you do its important to protect it afterwards, otherwise it will become dry, which can cause cracking or splits occurring.

Vinyl is pretty hard wearing and you can clean it if and when you need to. Should it get dirty you can use a gentle cleaner on it and then apply a protective gel to protect it from the elements. This is especially important with any vinyl on boats as the salt can really make cleaning vinyl very difficult without at least a bit of care now an again. Like Faux leather its a case of avoiding it getting to dry either by sunlight or by over cleaning it and   protecting it afterwards is very important to stop dirt sticking to the vinyl.
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If it gets dirty vinyl cleaner will remove all dirt no problem as long at you keep ontop of things and do not leave the dirt sitting on there too long. If you do clean it always apply a conditioner afterwards to stop it getting to dry. This also helps to stop the dirt sticking to the vinyl. Stain protection is another way of protecting it from dirt and other things such a sea salt on boats, which can cause harm. This is more of an interior solution though. For exterior vinyl we recommend vinyl conditioner which provides a stronger protection.

The complete Vinyl Clean & Condition kits we supply also has brushes and cloths, which provides you with everything you need, including full instructions to shown you how to get the best from the products.

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