How To Choose A Mobile Phone For Your Needs

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With what seems like millions of smartphones on the market today, it's no surprise most of us struggle to choose the perfect mobile phone to suit our needs! Most people will recommend you buy the latest phone, but that's not necessary as we all have different tastes.


                  Consider these points below before spending your cash....


1. Are Your Needs Simple Or Varied?

In other words do you need a phone that can do a few things or a lot of things? Some of you/us are tech geeks and LOVE high powered phones that are as fast as sonic the hedgehog, with a high quality camera and other fancy stuff like the AIR Gesture feature on the Galaxy S4. But we're not all like that are we? Ask yourself...

  • Do i need a phone just to call and text or do i need more than that?
  • Is buying the latest smartphone necessary for my needs?
  • Does my phone need a high quality camera?
  • Do i need all of these fancy features or are my needs basic?
  • Does my phone need to be FULL HD?
  • Do i want my phone to do almost everything or very little?
  • Does my phone need to be waterproof, dust proof or shatter proof?

If you use instagram for example you might wanna buy a phone with a high quality camera. Or if you're out with your family a lot a good camera phone would be useful since it's pocket sized. Look at your situation and what you do on regular basis to figure out which type of phone you NEED. Ask yourself questions and the answers will follow :) 


2. Are You Old School Or New School?

There are many of us who aren't as tech savvy as others, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. If you can't STAND touch screen phones, i'd recommend....
  • Buying an old model phone with a keyboard OR
  • Buying a blackberry smartphone

It's funny because of a lot of old mobile phones are actually one of the strongest. Many touch screen phones are too easily cracked due to being larger and such. At least if you buy an older model phone you wont have to worry about dirtying your screen with finger prints, etc. I'd say go for a blackberry if you want something newer than the OLDER phones, but still want to use a physical keyboard. The blackberry brand has proven this can still work, regardless of the market being saturated with touch phones in today's market.

Obviously if touch phones are your thing...
  • Do you prefer smaller touch phones or larger touch phones?

Buy an IPhone if you're into smaller touch phones. They're easily the smallest high end phones in the industry. Otherwise samsung, sony or HTC would be your best bet in my opinion. My other option would be to look into the Blackberry Z10 & Q10 if you're a blackberry fan. Amazing products!

Thanks for reading my mobile phone buying guide.
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