How To Choose The Perfect Women's Jeans For Your Silhouette!

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“How To Quickly Choose The Perfect Jeans For Your Silhouette In Just 5 Minutes – GUARANTEED … !”

Women's jeans are the most practical type of trousers - fits almost for any occasion !
However, their purchase is often a never ending nightmare !
How many of you have a problem with the correct matching trousers for your figure?
In this short article we advise you how to quickly and easily choose the perfect jeans for your figure and always be satisfied !
Many women believes that their figure is not appropriate to wear jeans - nothing could be more wrong!
The whole secret is to select the appropriate cut trousers to your type of  figure.
Below I will give you a lot of practical advices how to select jeans for your type of figure.
Types of female silhouettes
Pear Silhouette - If you have small breasts, tiny waist and a big bum and thighs. Is the most popular feminine silhouette.
Good examples here are Jennifer Lopez or Beyonce
If you have Pear silhouettes and you are choosing jeans for yourself, you should remember a few things:
* Hipsters effectively reduce optically hips this jeans are perfect for you,
* Wide and large pockets visually slims your bum,
* Avoid flaps on the pockets,
* Wisely choose the width of the leg - let it improves the ratio between the top and bottom,
* Choose dark jeans and, connect them with a light or patterned top.
Hourglass Silhouette – If you have a big breasts and hips and clearly marked waist.
This type of silhouette. is very feminine and beautiful, but the difference between the width of the hips and waist could be a problems when you choosing your jeans.
What do you need to remember !
* Choose hipsters, or pants with adjustable belt,
* Wear a belt, which effectively emphasize beautiful waist and keep pants in its place,
* Hourglass should avoid all kinds of baggy and loose typefaces.
Apple Silhouette - If you have slim legs, big bust, and a huge belly, it means that you have this type of figure.
Choosing the right jeans you can simply equalize disproportion, between top and legs.
* High rise jeans are the best for this type of silhouette,
* Avoid pipes, and also too wide legs,
* Choose lighter pants, but the top should stay dark,
* Chafing are indicated,
* Avoid too large patterns on materials ,
* Avoid low rise pants, because excess of the body can get out of control. especially when you bend down.
Massive silhouette - too much everywhere?
Massive women also will look very good in jeans , But there are some rules :
* Do not choose too tight pants,
* The best color for you is a very dark blue,
* Wear high boots with jeans,
* Avoid chafing, ornaments, trinkets and pocket,
* Choose a longer leg - visually slims the silhouette,
* edges worn and vertical stripes indicated,
* Choose a high rise jeans,
* Avoid jeans with the bells you will look at bigger.
General Advise
And here are the most important factors !
* Be conscious of your own silhouette? Are you a pear, hourglass or an apple?
   It helps you a lot to choose the right type of jeans
* Don’t buy too small paints. The flexible material makes you push yourself into a smaller size, but it can deform your figure.
 ( if you are size 10 don't buy jeans size 8 )
* Don't roll up the legs in a terrible way they reduce the figure,
* Avoid pockets which reach below the buttock visually flatten the bum.
I hope this short article will help you when you will select jeans for your type of figure.
Please don't take my word for it just simply use this knowledge and check by yourself – you will be amazed!
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Thank you very much for your valuable time !!!

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