How To Choose The Right Camera

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No matter whether you are looking for a camera as a gift to a family member or friend, or you are thinking about taking a leap into photography yourself, there are more than a few camera on the market and it may be hard to decide which one is best. There is  the point and shoot, DSLR, GoPro (which can be attached to your drone!) and your smartphone. So which one is best for you? 

Point And Shoot

The point and shoot, also known as a compact camera, is a good choice for someone that wants a camera with simple operation. Point and shoot cameras are best for someone that wants to take family photos at the zoo, vacations, parties, family reunions or events. On the low end, the cheapest point and shoot is the just about extinct disposable camera. On the high end, point and shoot cameras come equipped with autofocus and up to 30x zoom. You can find a good quality point and shoot for under $100. Most importantly, these cameras are small, portable, lightweight and compact. You move around with ease with this camera around your wrist. Overall photo quality is excellent, especially in environments in which the lighting is good, take daylight for example.  

Digital Single-Lens Reflex Camera

The digital single-lens reflex camera, also known as a  DSLR or Digital SLR is a good choice for someone that wants to take their photos to the next level, and can afford to do so.  The DSLR features a larger body that comes equipped with a neck strap. The body uses interchangeable lenses that allows for close-up shots, wide angle shots and far distance shots.  The body alone retails roughly $399 and the lenses range in price from $299 and up.  This camera is best for someone that wants to take that leap into professional photography and has the money to do it.  

GoPro Camera

The GoPro camera is for the hardcore action junkie, that wants to film every moment of it.  GoPro is a HD, waterproof, video recording device  that is new to the market. It is a mountable video recorder that normally is mounted on a helmet, but the brand sells accessories that make it mountable on your pet as well. This camera is picking up steam as one of the hottest accessories, but do you need it? First, it is only a video recorder so if you are looking to take still photos, this camera is not for you. Second, this camera is good for recording events that feature a lot of action, like zip lining, scuba diving and baseball games. If you are not big on being active during vacations, you will not use it very much. These camera retail $189 and up.  

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