How To Choose The Right Golf Driver Like Tiger Woods

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We've all  been there, our game starts to improve a little and it's now time to buy new golf clubs but with so many choices it can get a little bit confusing. So many people are there to offer advice, some good, some bad, leaving you even more confused than when you started. I'd stick my neck out and say thet there really isn't a perfect driver out there. Just the perfect one for you. Keep this in mind when you start to go shopping.Oviously eBay is a great place to start and do some research!

The Right Metal For Your Driver

When you're looking for decent drivers, you'll find there are many made of alloy, forged titanium and even steel. If your new and just getting into this crazy sport you'll probably find an alloy driver to be the best since they're lighter, high in quality and will probably be cheaper than your bog standard stainless steel or titanium driver. Don't get me wrong, titanium is one of the best out there but is probably best suited to more experienced golfers who wanna gain some extra distance. On the other hand a stainless steel driver may weigh a lot more but you'll find it'll add more weight to your swing and a greater deal of control on the descent.

Check the Shaft Length

Check the driver shaft length as different lengths suit different people. So many people opt for exactly the same length as their previous driver but this isn't always correct for you or your swing at that moment in time. Believe it or not, even the height of your shoes for the greens has a dramatic effect. I suppose it's best to go with the best most comfortable for you and more importantly your game.

Perimeter Weighting

Another important factor is deciding if you want perimeter weighting on your club face. this basically allows you to have some weight around the toe and the sole, so if you're like me and miss a few shots, this should actually help. For example, the extra weight should help you reduce the shock and help your ball fly straighter and with greater distance. Again, this is very subjective and you'll need to find the correct weight for your game.

Make sure you find out how much the shaft can bend as you put force into it during a swing. Different flexes will have a whole different outcome with the effectiveness of your swing. Try experimenting with different type until you find one with the right flexibility. You'll find the traditional flex ratings include regular, stiff, senior, ladies and extra stiff, and I'd say it's certainly a good idea to at least try some of these for effectiveness.

Get A Fitting With Your Supplier

To conclude, if you're new or just returning to the golf scene try and see if the place you purchase your clubs from can actually help you with the club fitting. This gives you a great chance to try as many as you can to find out which one suits you best. Without a shadow of a doubt this is the best way to choose a driver. Tiger Woods eat your heart out.


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