How To Clean A Plasma or LCD TV Screen

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Cleaning A Plasma or LCD TV.

Everything  I mention below does not have to be performed each time you clean your plasma or LCD. Once you have it gleaming a quick dust/wipe every now and then and it will be shining, for ages.

Get the tools required

    * A recommended micro fiber cloth.
    * Safe cleaning spray.
    * A piece of card/plastic about credit card size.
    * A really dusty screen with finger prints on it!

Turn TV Off

Turn the LCD television off to create a totally dark surface. If possible place the viewing surface with a soft  light source on it.
This will make visible all the dust and other marks or smears. As you can see you can now see the full scale of the challenge ahead

Now Clean The Plasma or LCD TV

First just wipe gently with a dry micro fiber. For even pressure, fold the cloth over into approximately a square shape. Some cloths have a natural positive charge and they attract dust and lock it in. Many of the finger prints and other marks will be gone afterwards as well. 
If you look carefully you can probably see that there will still be some marks or smears. Don't worry we will deal with them next.
Just one atomized squirt of safe cleaning spray onto the screen, then wipe all over with the micro fiber cloth again,

Get The Muck Around The Edge

Wrap your card or plastic up in the cloth.  Now wipe with the covered credit card edge from the screen edge towards the center of the LCD or plasma screen. Now you should be able to wipe up what was previously stuck at the edges.
Now give the micro fiber a good shake and wipe all over with only the dry parts of the wipe. This will ensure you have removed any remaining spray and catch the last bits of dust.


1 - Screens absorb moisture...  At the least it could leave an annoying mark that will never come off. !!NEVER LEAVE ANY MOISTURE ON YOUR SCREEN!! Make sure the spray is specially made and it is good practice to make sure it is all wiped off as well.

2 - Screens use highly chemically reactive plastics and anti-reflective coatings. We strongly recommend you do not put anything on the screen unless it has been specially recommended.

We Recommend

All of the cleaning sprays an cloths that we advertise on Ebay are safe and stunning for your TV. Just chose your preferred brand, size etc. I hope this tutorial has been of some help. Thanks for reading.
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